In what can truly be dubbed as ‘til death do us part’, a Karnataka couple got married 30 years after their death thanks to the ‘Pretha Kalyanam’ ritual. Before you think of ghastly and ghostly figures getting married at the wee hours of a new-moon night, let us tell you more about the tradition which has piqued the internet of netizens thanks to a Twitter thread.

Recently, a Twitter user by the name ‘AnnyArun’ (@anny_arun) shared some fascinating details of a never-heard before wedding ritual as he himself got to attend one. In an elaborate Twitter thread, the Twitter user mentioned that several families belonging to the Dakshina Kannada region, observe a ritual where they arrange weddings of those who died at birth.

He noted that the ‘Pretha Kalyanam’ ritual are similar to most marriages where living couple tie a knot. He mentioned how the “bride and groom” are differentiated by the wedding attire that’s carried around in a plate by the family members.

While one may assume that fixing such matches would not be so difficult, the netizen also tweeted saying, “f you are wondering its easy to fix this marriage, hear me out. Recently groom family rejected a bride because bride was few year elder to the groom!”.

The Facts of the Matter

India is a home of over a billion people that pray to thousands of deities and Gods, and observe countless rituals. While some of these rituals are commonly known, others are kept a secret as per the traditions, and some just stay in the four walls of those who observe them.

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What is Pretha Kalyanam?

Recently a similar ritual was revealed to netizens by a Twitter user. The ritual, ‘Pretha Kalyanam’ is very similar to normal marriage rituals and comes from Dakshina Kannada region. What separates it from any other wedding ritual is the fact that two unborn individuals are married in this ritual.

Twitter User Witnesses Unique Wedding

“I’m attending a marriage today. You might ask why it deserve a tweet. Well groom is dead actually. And bride is dead too. Like about 30 years ago. And their marriage is today. For those who are not accustomed to traditions of Dakshina Kannada this might sound funny.” Twitter user Anny Arun shared.

In an elaborate Twitter thread, he noted how people in Dakshina Kannada region observe a ritual where they marry off children who died at the time of their birth. “For those who died in child birth, they are usually married off to another child who is deceased during the child birth. All the customs happen just like any marriage,” he wrote in a tweet.

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Similar to Other Hindu Marriage Rituals

Anny Arun further went on to explain the details of the ritual and shared how it is very similar to Hindi marriages which involves taking a procession, rituals before the marriage, the marriage itself, tying the mangalsutra and even kanyadan.

How the Bride and Groom are Differentiated

The netizen explained that the bride and groom are differentiated by their outfits (saree for the bride and ethnic Indian wear for the groom). These outfits are placed on a plate, which are then carried around by the family.

He also noted how despite the wedding being hosted for two deceased infants, the mood during the ceremony is kept jovial and warm. He also added that children and unmarried people are not allowed during ‘Pretha Kalyanam’.

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