Authorities announced on Sunday that three athletes in the Tokyo Olympic Village were diagnosed positive for the Corona virus, inciting fears of an outbreak just days before the inauguration ceremony.

The three infections were uncovered as athletes worldwide showed up in Japan for the pandemic-delayed Olympics, which are under intense backlash in Japan amounting to COVID-19 concerns.


According to Tokyo 2020 Spokesman Masa Takaya, the three cases “came from the single country and sport”. He stated they are “secluded in their rooms, and organizers are supplying food to them,” and further added the remaining of the group has also been screened. The participants of the team were not yet identified.

This month, fifty-five cases associated with the Games, which commence on Friday, were spotted, comprising four athletes.

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Tokyo Olympic 2020: Organizers are concerned about participant’s safety

The chief coordinator of the Tokyo 2020 Games, Seiko Hashimoto said-

“We’re trying whatever we can to mitigate a COVID-19 recurrence. If a crisis occurs, we will assure that we have a roadmap in place to cope with it”.

She further added that the participants at the Games might be cautious regarding the virus infection but she promised that administrators will not cover up cases.

“We are aware of concerns and seek to be really transparent,”

-she said.

As per Organizers-

“The patient has been transferred from the Village, where thousands of participants and administrators throughout the Games stay.”

Toshiro Muto, CEO of Tokyo 2020, stated-

“It was questionable whether the individual had been vaccinated against COVID-19”.

Further he added,

“We don’t have any related information on if this individual is vaccinated or not.”

“If anyone tests positive that individual would be quarantined instantly if there are any direct interactions or not,”

-he added, explaining that athletes at the Olympics will indeed be monitored daily.

Athletes are just commencing to appear for the Games, which will take place from July 23 to August 8.

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The Majority in Japan is opposing the Olympic

The capital is already in the midst of a COVID-19 spread, with the latest days witnessing the maximum number of cases since January. According to Japanese media, the individual who was diagnosed positively was a foreign citizen. The majority in Japan is opposing the Games, as they fear a surge of infections.

Stated cost of the Olympics is approximately $ 15.4 billion

The stated cost of the Olympics is approximately $15.4 billion, but government audits indicate that the underlying expenses are substantially higher & it’s all the public money. About 15,400 participants and tens of thousands of others, including broadcasters, judges, journalists, administrators, and others will take part in the Olympics and Paralympics in Japan.

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IOC President Thomas Bach Persuaded Japanese fans

On Saturday, IOC President Thomas Bach persuaded Japanese fans to demonstrate enthusiasm saying he was “so well concerned of the cynicism” all around Games.

Australia’s complete athletics squad quarantined

Another illustration of the challenges was the quarantining of Australia’s complete athletics squad before departure when a member of the crew gave an ambiguous test. The official was subsequently confirmed to be negative.