Suddenly, the prices of  tomatoes have come down to 30 paise/kg in the wholesale market in Andhra Pradesh. The lowest rate of the year 2020.

Farmers are accusing Pathikonda Agriculture Produce Market Committee (APMC) for the situation. However, the market authorities said that 150 tonnes of tomatoes suddenly came within the market on Thursday, which caused the reduction in tomato price.

APMC further added that farmers in Rayalaseema region of Andhra Pradesh produce tomatoes in large quantities and the rains caused by cyclones have led to a higher production of tomatoes. As a result, wholesale prices of tomatoes reached 30 to 70 paise per Kg in the wholesale market.

The farmers said that they have spent 30 thousand rupees per acre on tomato growing and pesticides. They even have to pay rent to bring tomatoes to the market. If the tomatoes are sold at such a low price then it is better not to bring it to the market. At least, our rent will be saved. This has worsened the condition of farmers.

One interesting thing is that the tomatoes bought from farmers at wholesale prices   (30 paise kg) are being sold at 100 time higher prices (30 rupees) in the market.

Farmers have asked authorities how farmers will survive in such a difficult situation and how they will bear the family’s expenses and feed their family.

Farmers are now demanding about Rs. 10 per kg which will be profitable for them and help them repay their loans.