Petrol and diesel vehicles in India are set to get more convenient fuel payments, as Amazon and Mastercard-backed fintech ToneTag has launched a new ‘Pay-By-Car’ system. The contactless payment mode allows drivers to pay for fuel directly through their car’s infotainment system, without needing a smartphone or physical card.

The Pay-By-Car system has been designed to streamline payments at petrol pumps. When the car reaches the fuel station, a unique dispenser code is displayed on the infotainment screen. After the fuel quantity is entered, the payment can be authorized through the infotainment system itself via UPI.


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How Pay-By-Car System Works

– When the car reaches the fuel station, the dispenser number is displayed on the infotainment system. This acts as a payment code.

– An audio alert is triggered, notifying the driver about arrival at the fuel station.

– After fuel is dispensed, the amount is entered in the infotainment system and payment is made using the dispenser code.

– On successful payment, a notification is displayed and a voice alert is given.

This contactless system aims to make vehicular payments swifter and more secure. The service has been tested by MG Motor at Bharat Petroleum outlets. ToneTag claims to be the world’s first company to develop an audio-based contactless payment system.

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ToneTag’s Offline Payment Innovations

The fintech startup was founded in 2003 by entrepreneur Kumar Abhishek. Earlier this year, ToneTag demonstrated an offline voice payment system in collaboration with RBI’s regulatory sandbox. It has also worked with NPCI to enable bill payments via interactive phone calls.

The latest Pay-By-Car system further highlights ToneTag’s capabilities in powering payments without internet connectivity. With digital payments gaining rapid adoption, the company aims to make offline transactions equally seamless.

According to industry experts, contactless innovations in sectors like fuel retail provide a blueprint for large-scale adoption of digital payments across India’s economy. As more automakers integrate such solutions, transit-related payments could be modernized as well.

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