Technology is not limited to your computer, mobiles & tablets. It has entered into your kitchens, rooms, offices through a lot of other devices, such as smart lights, smart air purifiers, digital assistants, etc. These devices run on concepts like AI (Artificial Intelligence) & IoT (Internet of Things).

There are a lot of opportunities in the market for AI professional. However, if you are aware of all this, then congratulations! You are one step of many people.

Now how to pursue your career as an AI expert is another matter of discussion, first, you need to learn where to start from. Since AI technology is a computer-based concept, hence, learning a computer language is necessary.

As per the Analytics India magazine, computer programming languages including; R, Python and SQL (Structured Query Language), are the most sought-after languages in the AI job market.

Python is the most commonly used computing language. As per the Data Science Skills study 2019, Python is the most preferred choice for them.

The technological employers are looking for individuals who are skilled in machine communication skills. Presently, there are over 97,000 job openings in the field of analytics and data science in the country.

Apart from this, if you are looking to make a specialization in the field of data visualization, tools like Tableau, Microsoft BI and IBM Watson Analytics are the ones which are in most demand.

The technology industry is moving towards automation. From production to logistics, they are deploying AI robots & machines which have eliminated the need for manual intervention. The future is AI & IoT & so are the markets. These markets have started to prepare for the coming future & thus they are calling entrepreneurs & experts who have the requisite skill set. AI engineers & experts are the current needs of the technology producers and that is a scarce human resource. This automation in the industry is pushing Indian companies to aggressively seek for candidates skilled in Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

The high demand is a factor that suggests that India has a low supply for estimated data scientists and AI experts. As per a study, India is estimated to have less than 10% of data scientist experts available globally.

Apart from the aforesaid data, computing languages like C, Java, Julia, Scala are less preferred by data science experts. However, analytical tools such as SAS, MATLAB (Matrix Laboratory) etc, are the most preferred data science tools in the market.

As per the Data Science Skills study 2019, conducted across India with respondents like machine learning enthusiasts, developers and data scientists, Python is the most preferred data science skill across sectors like retail, manufacturing and e-commerce.

Further, R is chosen to be the most important programming language for aspiring data scientists. Also, Pandas, NumPy, Sklearn, and MatPlotLib are the most used & preferred libraries in the industry.

The remuneration of a data scientist stands between minimum ₹7 lakh per annum, with experienced professionals (3-5 years of experience) can bag as much as ₹50 lakh.

If we talk about data sciences, it is one of the highest paying jobs in the industry for now. Engineers, data experts etc need to understand the opportunity and grab the seats in the best organizations. As for now, there is a clear scarcity of an expert human resource in this field. Instead of running for clichéd jobs, people should thrive for better opportunities.

The AI, IoT & data science industries are at the initial growth stage for now, and high endeavours are expected from the field as every single expert are diverting their efforts in this direction.