Try looking around for some humans in our society and tell me, you won’t find much, hardly left now.

Our society has been talking about the transgenders, why should they be equal fundamental rights, why should they be allowed to use public properties, why should they be allowed to work in government offices and the discussion keeps going on and on.

Intellectuals argue in the support of their statements that they do not work in the system. They are not a part of the economical structure, do not pay taxes, hence should not be allowed to enjoy the public properties and schemes.

“People ask them to work and earn their living rather than begging in trains and roaming on streets”

But, when they try to be a part of the system, try to work like you people, they are trolled and harassed, even beaten up.

In a very disturbing incident, a transwoman has been harassed and beaten up in Kochi for selling biryani.

Sajan Shaji, hit by the lock-down crises started to sell biryani on a stall in Kochi to earn living and employed 4 other transwomen to help her. But from the day they have started to sell their stuff, they have been facing harassment from the local shopkeepers.

Despite her repeated requests, the police refused to help Shaji.

The incident came to light after she took to Facebook to post a video and depicted the whole incident. In the video, she talks about a man Girish who runs a fish snack stall in front of hers. Girish used to harass her and with an idea to drive away her customers, Girish spread a rumour about the quality of her biryani which resulted in a big loss to the sales of the biryani shop. She used to sell 300 packets daily which came down to fewer than 100 packets per day.

A trans woman who was trying to earn her living post-pandemic has been turned down by the society. This is really very disheartening.

Why can’t we just let them be.!
What must be going through her mind?
It’s a shame for the society.
I personally condemn this incident and suggest to punish Girish for what he has done.
I think humanity the level of humanity from humans is depleting by each day passing.