These days few viral videos from the net are trending, two of them from India are gaining attention of the audience due to its content. In one of the video we can see an elephant eating a helmet and on the other hand in the second video two police officers found themselves in trouble after filming a video.

Viral Video of the elephant

A bizarre incident took place in the Satgaon army camp near Narangi in Guwahati. In the video, a wild elephant was spotted eating a helmet in Guwahati as a video of the episode has gone viral on social media. It is predicted that the elephant mistook the helmet for food and was seen eating it.

Video Courtesy: Cobrapost

This video has been captured by the owner of the bike and soon after he posted it online, the video has gathered tons of views and is now trending. In the video the owner of the bike can be heard saying, “ I lost my helmet, how will I go back now?”.

As seen in the video, the elephant moved towards a parked bike in the army camp and pulled the helmet, which was rested on the rear view mirror stalk. And soon after pulling the helmet out, it put the helmet in its mouth and began eating it before walking away from the spot.

It is suggested that wild elephants often walk out of the nearby Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary in order to look for food. This wild elephant, also, had walked out of the Amchang Wildlife Sanctuary, entered the army camp, and took the helmet.

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2 Police officers tried to make a funny video, department issues a notice against them

Two Delhi Police officials have found themselves in trouble after their viral videos on duty couldn’t set pace with their seniors, who have now issued a notice against both.

The Officers who are posted at a police station in Model Town, they are, Constable Vivek Mathur and female Head Constable Shashi, have uploaded several amusing videos on social media. One of them shows Vivek enacting a scene with Shashi while a Haryanvi song plays in the background. The video is shot during their working hours with both of them can be seen in uniforms. Constable Vivek is also seen without his facemask.

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Video Courtesy: NEWS18

After their videos grabbed social media attention, the higher-ups in the Delhi Police sent them a show cause notice, and asked for a response in 15 days. The notice was issued by Usha Rangnani, Deputy Commissioner of Police (DCP), Northwest Delhi on June 7.

The notice which was issued stated that-

“In these videos, constable Vivek was not even wearing the mask and both of them were also violating social distancing norms. Being members of a disciplined force, their conduct appears to be unprofessional in the discharge of their official duties.”

The video has split-views over the action taken against it. Many have defended the action against the duo, some others have highlighted that even the police officials deserve some light moments amid the pandemic. Few users said the police officials should not have posted the videos in their uniforms.