On Tuesday, the police in Andhra Pradesh’s Tirupati town said on that they were on the lookout for a 30-year-old man, who allegedly killed his 27-year-old wife, packed her body in a suitcase and set it on fire around six days ago.

Man kills wife, wheels her body in suitcase, got arrested

Few days ago, a man in Andhra Pradesh named, Maramreddy Sreekanth Reddy, told his relatives and his family that his wife had died of the deadly coronavirus and has subsequently been cremated by the hospital authorities.

But, surprisingly, police now says he killed her and dumped her body in a large suitcase before setting it on fire. Maramreddy Sreekanth Reddy, 30, has since been arrested on murder charges.

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How the police found her body near a hospital

On June 23, the police in Tirupati found the body of the woman in a suitcase in a dense bushy area near Sri Venkata Ramana Ruia (SVRR) government hospital. According to the local and investigating police the body was 90% burnt. With help from forensic experts, cops were able to identify the body as that of 27-year-old M Bhuvaneshwari, Reddy’s deceased wife.

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Details about the couple

The couple had been living in Tirupati with their 1.5 year old daughter. M Bhuvaneshwari used to work for an IT firm in Hyderabad and had been working from home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

On the other hand, Reddy, who had reportedly lost his job and turned his way down to alcohol. According to the police, the couple often fought and Reddy has more likely killed his wife in a fit of rage.

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CCTV footage reveals Reddy allegedly carried wife’s body in a suitcase

In a CCTV footage obtained from the residential complex, Reddy was seen bringing in a suitcase into his house. Later, he was seen struggling to carry the suitcase out with one hand while holding his daughter in the other. He took the body in a cab before dumping it. According to the investigation details, the police said that-

“He returned to the same spot in the evening to set her ablaze.”

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From where did Reddy bought the suitcase to pack the body in?

Ramesh Reddy, Tirupati Urban Police chief, said that-

“Reddy bought a big suitcase at Reliance Mart and that is suspected to have been used for the purpose of packing the body. He later tried to burn the body.”

Reddy informed family that wife died of Delta Plus variant

The police also said that the prime suspect Reddy had told his in-laws that Bhuvaneshwari had been infected with the Delta Plus variant of the coronavirus and succumbed to it. He also informed his family that her body was cremated by the hospital staff. He was arrested by a special team and was brought back to Tirupati for questioning on Tuesday.