A triggering YouTube video has emerged which shows a heartless man kicking a cat into the sea. The man was later arrested and now faces 10-year prison sentence and can be slapped with fine as high as €50,000 (Rs. 40.20 lakhs). The blood-curdling video of the shocking incident shows multiple persons sitting at a seaside restaurant and dining outdoors.

The video shows two kittens approaching them. This is when a diner tries to lure one of the kittens by dangling a fish by the table’s edge. Unbeknownst of what’s to come next, a kitten somehow gets close to the table when a diner mercilessly kicks it into the shallow waters of the sea below. Such was the merciless nature of these diners that they were heart laughing heartlessly as one diner tries to repeat the action with the second kitten.

Reportedly, the entire incident transpired at a seaside restaurant at Greece’s Evia Island. The clip after being shared on YouTube and other social media platforms sparked major outrage online with netizens calling out harshest punishment to the heartless diners.

Interestingly, after he was arrested, the man claimed that the video was only a joke and that he loves animals and takes care of stray animals.

The Facts of the Matter

Across the globe, there are people who take care of stray cats, dogs and go out of their way to enrich the lives of these mute living-beings. However, on the flipside, there are those who for their own humour and entertainment, abuse these animals. Strays across the world are subjected to inhumane and senseless violence by some humans who know nothing but chaos.

Video Shared on YouTube, Goes Viral on Twitter

Recently, a few diners in Greek were caught indulging into horrific behaviour as they kicked a kitten into the sea and laughed following the incident. The entire ordeal was caught on cam, visuals of which were first released on YouTube, and are now going viral on Twitter and other social media platforms.

What Does the Video Show?

The video going viral shows a man luring two kittens with a piece of fish dangling at the edge of a dinner table over the sea. A curious kitten somehow gets lured into the trap and comes inches closer to the piece of dangling food. The man dangling the food moves his hand away and the kitten suddenly becomes suspicious of the man’s intent.

However, before the kittens could scramble and run away, the man suddenly kicks the cat straight into the water. Diners around the heartless man laugh as he tries to lure the second cat that manages to back off and scramble away.

Man Arrested, Can Be Sentenced for 10 Years

Following the video of the incident gone viral, the Greek local authorities arrested the unidentified man on the suspicion of kicking the kitten into ocean. According to reports, the unidentified man now faces a sentence of up to a decade in prison and a fine of up to €50,000 (Rs. 42.20 lakhs).

After the man was arrested, Greece minister Takis Theodorikakos took to Facebook and issued a statement which read, “A while ago a person was arrested by the Greek Police who kicked and flew a kitten into the sea. Violence against animals is unacceptable. I am deeply saddened for those who abuse animals and for those who tolerate it.”

“I heartily salute those who pointed out the issue. The reason now belongs to Greek justice,” the statement added.

Man Claimed He’s an Animal Lover, Video was Joke

Reportedly, the unidentified heartless animal abuser told the police that the footage was just a joke and claimed that the kitten was kicked only a short way, keeping in mind it won’t be harmed. The man further told the authorities that he is an animal lover, and takes care of strays.

A fait silver lining in the matter was reported by Metro UK which stated that locals claimed the kittens were unharmed and were taken to veterinarian.


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