In a fascinating development, a girl in West Bengal recently created a record for sleeping 9 hours for a total of 100 days, and won a prize money of Rs 5 lakhs! The ‘sleeping beauty’ from West Bengal is Triparna Chakraborty. A Hooghly resident, Triparna is passionate about sleeping – so much so that she created a record of sleeping 9 hours for 100 days, and won five cheques of Rs 1 lakh each.

If reports are to be believed Triparna won an All-India contest held by a mattress company. In a Bengali Indian Express report, Triparna was quoted saying, “When I came to know about such a competition, I gave my name without thinking. I just loved sleep but never thought that I’d be crowned the best of the best because of sleeping”.

As unbelievable as a “sleep contest” for money sounds, it should be noted that the contest was quote a tough one. The idea was to promote the idea of sleep and its importance. As many as five and a half lakh applications were submitted, out of whom 15 persons were selected.

The 15 contestants, including Triparna, were asked to sleep for 9 hours for the next 100 days. From there 4 contestants were selected, out of whom, Triparna was crowned the winner.

The Facts of the Matter

There are some instances, which trigger us to say – “they get paid for doing that, I do it every day for free!”. In one such instance, a girl in West Bengal was recently the winner of Rs 6 lakhs for something a lot of people take pride in – sleeping!

Although the task may sound easy enough, West Bengal’s Triparna Chakraborty had to sleep for 9 hours every day, for a total of 100 days, to win the competition.

4.5 Lakh Applicants for ‘Sleep Contest’

While this may all sound ludicrous to some people, this was a real contest. The contest was held by a mattress company to promote the idea of sleeping and its importance. At least 4.5 lakh people sent their applications to enter the contest, and 15 were selected.

Out of the 15 people, which also included Hooghly resident Triparna, only 4 people for selected for the further rounds. The contestants were given mattress and sleep tracker, through which the organizer kept a track on their sleeping habits and time spent while sleeping.

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Winning Sleep Contest

Eventually, it was Triparna who emerged victorious, and won six cheques of Rs 1 lakh each – winning a sum total of Rs 6 lakhs!

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How Triparna Won the Contest

In an interview, Triparna mentioned that she did not have to prepare a whole lot for the competition. As she had been an avid and heavy sleeper since childhood, the act of sleeping is dear to her.  When she found out about the contest, she applied to be a contestant without giving it much thought.

In a Bengali Indian Express report, she was quoted saying, “Bengalis have a bad reputation for sleep. But, I was able to make Bengal proud today with this sleep.” Triparna works in a US-based company and has to work according to US hours, and thus, has to stay up at the night.

Plans of Spending the Winnings

It should be noted that Triparna is yet to receive the entire prize money. However, she has already planned what she would be doing with her winnings. Apart from donating blankets and warm clothes to the poor ahead of the winter, she also plans to travel with her parents.


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