Donald Trump was trolled on Sunday at his Mar-a-Lago golf resort with a sky banner calling him a “pathetic loser.”

To get into the details, the banner was being pulled across the sky and was also photographed by witnesses which includes a reporter as well from CBS Local News Station which read “Trump you pathetic loser go back to Moscow.”

It doesn’t end here, there was a second banner which read “Trump the worst president ever.”

Still there is no clarity as to whether the former president saw the banners or not and was he even aware of the situation or not. Also, there is no such clarity on how close the plane flew to Mar-a- Lago.

Fact of the matter is that Trump isn’t quite liked in this area. Mar-a-Lago which is in Palm Beach County voted in favor of Joe Biden in the presidential election with 56% to Joe Baiden and 43% to Trump.

On Trump’s stay at the club and using it as a legal residence, the neighbors have warned to sue to impose zoning restrictions prohibiting the club to be used as a legal residence.

This isn’t the first time when such a banner was floated for Trump. Back in 2018, when the then president and his escorts were visiting his Turnberry golf resort in Scotland, a paragliding critic from Greenpeace angry with Trump floated a sign that read “Trump Well Below Par #Resist.”

It isn’t clear who is accountable for the Florida messages.

There have been different kinds of reactions on Twitter. Some appreciated the sentiments, and some thought it’s just wasting money on things that doesn’t matter now. 

There was a flight restriction over the resort in which Trump is residing while he was a president but now since he is not, no more restrictions.