It seems Google has got the case of Monday blues as YouTube, Gmail, GDrive, and Google Docs suffered a massive outage on an international level.

Users across the internet flocked towards social media websites like Twitter and Instagram to confirm whether or not they are the only ones seeing an error page on the platforms mentioned above.

As the outage continued, the Twitteratis acknowledged the event in their special way by sharing rib-tickling memes.

We’ve compiled some of the funniest tweets that were posted moments after the outage.

Within minutes of the outage, #YouTubeDOWN and #Gmail were trending internationally. At the time of writing this story, Google search appeared to be active without any issues.

It is not the first time Google suffered a major outage like this one. On June 2, 2019 due to Google Cloud problems number of services like Snapchat, Discord, Gmail, Youtube took a hit. It took the Search giant 4 hours to fix the issue. Although Google stated that it was just the East coast of US that the outage was noticed, there were people across Europe who claimed the outage had an effect on their land too.

With 2020 turning out to be an interesting year, it almost makes sense in a strange way that one of the most consistent and reliable internet service suffered an outage like this.