On popular demand by many active users on Twitter, Twitter may soon add a new feature by which one can unsend a tweet. Several Twitter users have been demanding an Edit button so as to correct all the spelling errors in their tweets and based upon that the application researcher Jane Manchun Wong, detected a new “Undo Send” button for which implementation work is in progress.

The Twitter interface shows the user a similar “Your tweet was sent” dialog above a new “Undo” button. Gmail also provides a similar kind of option for email, where it provides a small window which reads “Message send”, “undo” or “view message” to prevent messages from being sent after clicking the “Send” button.

According to a report by the Verge, the undo button doubles as a progress bar, which pops up to show the user how much time the user has to undo a tweet before it gets sent.

Previous years, there were news which talked about Twitter working towards building a paid subscription service that will provide the paid users with an option of features like the “undo” button and the ability to tweet long and high-quality videos.

The ‘Undo Send’ button is likely to provide a window of about 30-second to the users to retract a tweet with Typos and other errors before anyone can see it. Although this feature is just an alternate option to the ‘edit’ button that users have been demanding for years.

As per the vision of CEO Jack Dorsey, he shared that Twitter aims to double its total annual revenue from $ 7.5 billion in 2023 to at least 315 million monetisable daily active users.

During Virtual Analyst Day, he mentioned that Twitter’s goal is to double the total annual revenue to more than $ 7.5 billion in 2023. This increase will require Twitter to gain market share with display ads, grow brand advertising and expand their products to small and medium-sized businesses worldwide.

Twitter closed the chapter of the year 2020 with about 192 million daily users, 27 percent (year-over-year) from product improvements, which reached an all-time high last year.

Undo Send may be the next best feature for Twitter users, unless there is an edit button, which has been in great demand for many years. As per Wong, Twitter is currently working on an under send timer for tweets, which means that the window for a tweet to be unheard/rectified/corrected will be low.

In the video clip shared by Wong’s, it becomes quite evident that if a user chooses to tap on the undo button, that tweet will be available to edit with all its original content, a great tool indeed for users.

Currently there is no confirmation as to when the new Undo button will be available to users. There is no hush hush and team Twitter expects to take some time before making it to the testing stage and then eventually rollout this amazing feature. It can be weeks or even months.

The Undo Send button has been seen within the days since Twitter started rolling out the space, with the audio chat app Clubhouse, which is the answer for Android users. At a recent event, Twitter announced a host of upcoming features including Super Follow, a subscription service. The company has also confirmed the Community Facilitation and Safety Mode.

We cannot end the story without talking about the edit button. Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey said during a video Q&A last year that users would never get it.

“We start as an SMS, text messaging service. And as you all know, when you send a text, you can’t really take it back,” he says. “We wanted to preserve that vibe, that feeling in the early days,” Dorsey explained as to why Twitter didn’t roll out an edit button and might never do so.