In Andhra Pradesh, two men lost their lives after roosters attacked with blades ended up attacking them during a banned cockfight. The two deaths were reported from two separate incidents in the same state, with one incident taking place in Kakinada and one in East Godavari. The two deceased have been identified as Gande Suryapraksha Rao and Pirigani Padma Raju. Despite the intervention of both High Court and Supreme Court, the state continues to host cockfights during the Sakranti season.

In one incident from Kakinada, one Gande Suryaprakasha Rao had strapped a rooster with a sharp blade to get an edge in the cockfight. However, somehow the rooster got scared during the commotion and loud noises. The bird flew in the air and accidentally slashed Suryaprakasha’s leg. The 43-year-old man started bleeding profusely, and although he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was declared dead on arrival.

In a similar incident reported from East Godavari, an onlooker, Padma Raju, was standing too close to the fighting ring when an armed claw of the rooster slashed his hand. Raju started bleeding after his nerves got slashed with the knife and before long, he passed away at the scene.

In 2016, the state High Court banned cockfights, and directed authorities such events don’t take place. In 2019, the Supreme Court also held the same verdict.

The Facts of the Matter

Centuries ago, when people had less forms of entertainment, they cruelly made use of animals and put them in a pit to fight each other. Years passed by, various forms of engagement and entertainment have come into fore, and yet, animal fights continue to be held.

In Andhra Pradesh, cockfights are held every year during the Sankranti season. After outrage shown by animal welfare groups, and several incidents of injuries and deaths resulting during fights, the Supreme Court held a state High Court mandated ban on such fight.

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Blood Keeps Pouring in Banned Cockfights

Earlier this month, the fight was held in the state despite the ban, and two men lost their lives in the fight as armed roosters injured them fatally.

In one incident, reported from Andhra’s Kakinada, men were taking part in the rooster fight. In one such fights, one man identified as Suryapraksha Rao got fatally injured after a rooster with a knife tied to its leg injured him. The deceased was waiting for his turn to release his rooster in the area and had tied its leg to a knife.

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Bird Armed with Knife Injures Man Fatally

Somehow, the bird got spooked due to the commotion and noise and flew in the air, the maddening crowd’s cheering agitated the bird and as it flew in the air, the knife on its leg cut the deceased’s leg so deep, he started bleeding profusely. While he was rushed to a nearby hospital, he was declared dead on arrival.

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Second Incident During Same Event in Godavari

In a second incident reported from Godavari, Padma Raju was simply an onlooker in one of the cockfights. Unfortunately, he was standing too close to the fighting ring, and at one point, a rooster with a knife attached to its leg, clawed him which burst his nerves and triggered a fatal blood flow, and before he could be rushed to a hospital, he died on the spot.

The police have registered cases in both the incidents and an investigation has been kicked off in the matter.


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