In a tragic incident, two young doctors lost their lives after the car they were travelling in plunged into the Periyar river in Kochi, Kerala early Sunday morning. The deceased, identified as 29-year-olds Dr. Advaith and Dr. Ajmal, were returning from a birthday celebration when the accident occurred around 12:30am.

Mistakenly Drove into River While Using GPS, Low Visibility Due to Heavy Rains

According to police reports, the driver of the car had turned on GPS navigation to help guide the way in heavy rainfall and low visibility. However, it appears they mistakenly drove straight into the river instead of taking a left turn as suggested by the GPS. Locals who rushed to the site of the accident said the waterlogged road in heavy rains made the river appear like a continuation of the road.

The car sank quickly once it entered the river. While three other occupants managed to escape from the car, Dr. Advaith and Dr. Ajmal tragically could not make it out in time.

Doctors Were Heading Home After Birthday Celebrations in Kochi

Sources reveal that the five occupants in the car were Dr. Advaith, Dr. Ajmal, another doctor, a male nurse, and Dr. Ajmal’s fiancée. They had gone to Kochi earlier that evening to celebrate Dr. Advaith’s 29th birthday. The group was on its way back to Kodungallur when the accident occurred on the Gothuruth bridge area of Ernakulam district.

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Bodies Recovered, Survivors Admitted to Hospital

After receiving information about the accident, authorities dispatched a scuba diving team to recover the bodies of the two deceased doctors. The remains were transported to medical colleges in Kalamassery and Thrissur for autopsies.

The three survivors sustained injuries in the accident and were admitted to a hospital in Kochi for treatment. Their condition has been reported to be stable. The survivors include Dr. Gaziq Thabseer, a cardiology doctor who was also in the car.

Heavy Rains and GPS Navigation Can Be Risky Combination

While the exact cause of the accident is still under investigation, experts say heavy rains can make GPS navigation risky, especially on less frequented roads. Low visibility, wet roads and unexpected flooding can lead drivers astray from suggested routes.

The tragic loss of two young lives is a reminder to take extra precautions when driving in hazardous weather conditions. This includes double checking GPS directions and not blindly following navigation apps without accounting for road conditions. Authorities hope lessons can be learned from this incident to prevent similar accidents in the future.

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