Amid the row between Yoga Guru Baba Ramdev and allopathy doctors, Baba Ramdev did a U-turn and after calling allopathic doctors ‘murderers’, he called them ‘God’s envoys’. He also said that he will take the COVID-19 vaccine, and lauded PM Modi who recently announced free vaccinations for anyone above 18 from June 21.


Yoga guru Baba Ramdev was part of a controversy recently after he was on the receiving end of an strong-worded attack by the doctor’s association IMA that asked the Centre to book Baba Ramdev under the ‘Epidemic’s Act’ for perpetrating lies against the medical community and selling the Patanjali Coronil product as a COVID-19 vaccine. Although he withdrew his statements on doctors, he however posed question to IMA on allopathy’s efficacy against 25 ailments.


Yoga guru and co-founder of Patanjali Ayurved, Baba Ramdev did a verbal summersault and said that he will get COVID-19 vaccine and further labelled the doctors of the country as ‘God’s envoys’. Earlier, Ramdev had claimed that he will not take vaccine as he is shielded by the Ayurveda and yoga’s immunity.

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‘Get both doses and protection of yoga’: Baba Ramdev’s summersault

Speaking to reporters at Haridwar, Baba Ramdev told his followers to take the vaccine and continue doing yoga as well. He was quoted saying-

“Get both doses of the vaccine and the double protection of yoga and Ayurveda. They will combine to give you such a robust shield of protection that not a single person will die from Covid.”

On being asked whether he has taken vaccine and when will he be jabbed, Ramdev confirmed, “Very soon.”

“No animosity with organization. Individuals can do wrong things”

Further, Ramdev also did another U-turn after the consecutive confrontations with the IMA and its chief Dr. J. A. Jayalal and called the same doctors he once called ‘murderers’ as the ‘God’s envoys on Earth’. Ramdev said how he does not have any animosity with a particular organization and claimed to have always been against those doctors who exploited people.

“I am not against any organisation. Good doctors are a real boon. They are God’s envoys on earth. But individual doctors can do wrong things,”

-Ramdev said.

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“For emergency treatment, allopathy is the best”

Earlier, Ramdev said how doctors, who couldn’t save themselves of COVID-19, would be able to save the masses. However, this time around, he claimed that for emergency treatment allopathy is the best course of action.

When it comes to emergency treatment and surgery, allopathy is the best. There cannot be two opinions about it,”

-he said.

Shift in opinion after PM Modi’s speech?

Ramdev’s change of heart comes a few days after Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his addressed to nation warned people to not spread misinformation on the vaccine and get themselves vaccinated as soon as possible. Prior to that, the IMA also wrote a letter to PM and urged him to take action against Ramdev for spreading misinformation on COVID-19 vaccination.

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IMA’s letter to PM Modi

The IMA in its letter made a reference to Ramdev’s statement of 10,000 doctors dying despite taking both the doses of the vaccine. In the letter IMA said-

“If someone is claiming that the allopathic medicine has killed the people, it is an attempt to challenge the Ministry who has issued the protocol for treatment to us.”

The body for the welfare and benefits of doctors also said how-

“deceitfully attributing 10000 people have died in spite of two doses of vaccination, is a deliberate move to stall the efforts of vaccination to reach our masses and it needs to be curtailed immediately.”

The IMA further urged PM Modi to take actions against individuals who propagate the false narrative of vaccination fear and challenge the Indian government’s protocols for treatment.

“This in our opinion is a clear-cut case of a sedition and such persons should be booked immediately without any delay under the charges of sedition,”

-the letter concluded.