In an increasingly polarizing times, an example of communal harmony was set in Udaipur where some Hindus saved a ‘tajiya’ procession on Muharram. Incidentally, the entire ordeal happened near Kanhaiya Lal’s shop. For the unversed, Kanhaiya Lal was the name of the person who was beheaded by two Muslim radicals over his alleged support for Nupur Sharma.

Earlier on the holy day of Muharram, swarms of Muslims were on the road, taking out the ‘tajiya’ in a procession. This was when the 25-feet-tall structure of tajiya somehow caught fire. The community participating in the procession failed to notice the tajiya set ablaze. However, Hindu people, who were observing the procession from their balconies, spotted the fire.

Several Hindu locals wasted no time, and immediately swung into action. The locals started pouring buckets of water, one after the other, in a desperate attempt to douse the fire, before it could spread further.

Following the incident, district collector Tara Chand applauded the people’s sense of community. “Not only was the incident averted, but it also became an example of communal harmony. This incident has won everyone’s heart,” district collector Tara Chand Meena was quoted saying.

Meanwhile, after the fire was doused, the Muslims who were on the road thanked them by applauding.

The Facts of the Matter

As Hindus and Muslims once again transform into a fully Hindus VS Muslims issue, a heartwarming development pertaining to communal harmony emerged recently.

The incident is all the more applause worthy, as it comes from the area where Kanhaiya Lal was beheaded by two radical Muslims. The development had triggered various protests across nation, and had labeled the entire Muslim community as the issue.

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‘Tajiya’ Catches Fire

On the Holy day of Muharram, several Muslims had gathered for the ‘tajiya’ procession. As the 25-feet-tall tajiya made its way through between the narrow-lanes of the colony, it somehow caught fire. Meanwhile, the Muslims participating in the procession didn’t somehow notice that the tajiya was set ablaze.

Hindus Notice, Swing Into Action

Before the incident turned into a tragedy, and a negative communal spin could be added to it, some locals spotted the fire. These locals were in the third-floor balconies of their residences, and belonged to the Hindu community.

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Fire Doused

Wasting no time, these locals started throwing buckets of water, one after the other, to somehow douse the fire that was intensifying by the moment. According to the police, Ashish Chowadia, Rajkumar Solanki and their family members played a significant part in the ordeal, and continued pouring the water till the fire was doused.

Meanwhile, Muslims who were shocked to find the Tajia burning, also thanked the locals who helped douse the fire by applauding.

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“Example of communal harmony”: District Collector

Following the incident, district collector Tara Chand Meena applauded locals, and was quoted saying, “Not only was the incident averted, but it also became an example of communal harmony. This incident has won everyone’s heart.”

Meanwhile, Deputy Superintendent of Police, Shipra Rajawat, stated that the fire may have been triggered due to short circuit, or sparks coming from incense sticks.


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