In what can be dubbed as ‘Udaipur horror, six persons of a same family were found dead in the outskirts of the city with the cops still unsure whether the incident was that of a gruesome murder, or mass suicide. Cops are also suspecting that the case maybe that of a rape and murder. Following the incident, a Forensic Science Laboratory team and a dog squad was rushed to inspect the crime scene. The incident was reported from Ubeshwarji, 25 km from Rajasthan’s Udaipur.

As per an Aaj Tak report, the matter came to the fore earlier on the morning November 21. On receiving an alert, a team of Udaipur rural police rushed to the spot and were stunned to see six persons, including four children, dead on the scene.

As per Kundan Kanwaria, Additional Superintendent of Police, the deceased have been identified as Prakash Gameti, his wife Durga Gameti and their children three-four-month-old Gangaram, five-year-old Pushkar, eight-year-old Ganesh and three-year-old Roshan.

The matter came to the fore after Prakash’s brother, who lives in a house adjacent to the deceased’s house, knocked multiple times but found no one responding. After multiple attempts, the brother alerted police.

While the case appears to be of mass suicide, the deceased’s wife showed injury marks all over her body.

The Facts of the Matter

In 2018, the entire nation was rocked by the Burari deaths case. A case so complicated and intriguing, that it spawned a Netflix series, and planted the seeds of conspiracy among theorists. The case was that of the deaths of 11 persons, who reportedly engaged in a ritualistic suicide, and were found dead hanging from ceiling.

While the case was later adjudged to be a motivated by ‘shared delusion’, another case of multiple deaths from the same family has been reported. This time, six people in Udaipur, Rajasthan were found dead by the cops.

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Deceased’s Brother Alerted Cops

The matter was brought to the fore on the morning of November 11, when the deceased’s brother, who lives in an adjacent home, knocked repeatedly on the deceased’s door, and was left unattended. When the deceased’s brother could not enter the home, he alerted the cops.

A team of cops rushed to the location, which is about 25 km away from Udaipur. They were stunned to see the corpses of the six members of the family – including four children. The deceased include Prakash Gameti, his wife Durga, and their four children – Ganesh (8), Pushkar (5), Roshan (3), and Gangaram (3-month-old).

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Cops See Horrific Scene

As per an Aaj Tak report, the deceased used to work in Gujarat and sold food in buses. The same report also states that evidences from scene are pointing towards suicide due to bad financial condition. Reportedly, the bodies of Prakash, his wife, and one of their children were lying on the floor.

The wife’s body also showed injury marks, indicating that Prakash may have strangled his wife, another child, and then the rest of the children.

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Investigation Ensues

The cops are also investigating other causes that may have resulted in the deaths, including animosity and love-affair gone wrong. A team of Forensic Science Laboratory (FSL) was rushed to the scene along with a dog squad to investigate the matter.


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