In a mix-up of epic proportions reported from Ujjain, a bride ended up marrying his sister’s groom due to a mix-up caused by a power cut. The groom went as far as taking the wrong bride up, following which the mistake was realized. According to reports, the incident occurred earlier on Sunday when three sisters were marrying youths from different family.

The brides were dressed in traditional veils, and even their wedding dresses were similar to each other, which led to the massive goof-up. While everything was going according to the plans without any hiccup, an unannounced power-cut change situations for worse.

Somehow, the pandit in the wedding made sure the grooms do the wedding rounds with the ‘wrong’ brides. Following the strange incident, the couples were once again made to sit in a wedding ceremony. The grooms were identified as Ganesh and Bhola while the brides were identified as Nikita and Karishma.

It should be noted that a similar strange incident was reported in 2021 from Indonesia. In April, 2021, a groom ended up reaching the wrong wedding venue due to Google Maps glitch. Reportedly, the mix-up happened at a village where an engagement and wedding were taking place.

The Facts of the Matter

A wedding is something most of us look forward to in our lives it’s a combination of nervousness, excitement, curiosity and anticipation. However, what happens when the most special moment in a person’s life is completely ruined by a power-cut. Further, what happens when the power-cut leads to a person marrying a different partner altogether.

Meet the Brides & Grooms

Something similar transpired in Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh recently. Earlier on May 5, three sisters and one son of the same family were getting married in one marriage ceremony. While elder daughter Komal was supposed to get married to Rahul, her younger sister Nikita was set to marry Bhola, while third sister Karishma was all set to marry Ganesh. The ‘baraat’ of the three grooms had come from villages near Ujjain.

Power Cut Disrupts Wedding

Everything was in place for the three couples when suddenly there was a power cut at around 8 pm. The wedding rituals continued without any electricity. At around 11.30, the couples were sent to another room for some more rituals.

Rituals Continue, Bride Marries Sister’s Groom

The pandit in the room carried on with the rituals and due to the lack of electricity, the fact that the brides were in similar dress and had veils on their face, a huge mix-up happened. Nikita who was set to marry Bola, ended up sitting next to Ganesh. While Karishma, who was set to marry Ganesh, sat with Bhola.

Mix-Up Realized

The two grooms eventually took rounds with the ‘wrong’ brides as well. The ordeal finally ended when the grooms took their new “wives” home. After the realization of the mix-up, there was a brief dispute, and the families finally made sure the ‘right’ bride marries the ‘right’ groom.

Indonesian Man Reached Nearly Marries Wrong Bride Due to Google Maps

It should be noted that a similar incident was reported from Indonesia, where a man nearly married the wrong woman after Google Maps led him to the wrong address. According to reports, the incident took place in Central Java. The groom in question used Google Maps to find his way to the wedding location. However, instead of ending up at the intended place, they reached a different location, which was not too far from the real wedding venue.

Hilariously enough, after the groom and his wedding party reached the venue, they were treated with refreshments as if they were at the right place. A few minutes of conversation, and both the sides realized the mix-up. The groom’s side finally found the actual address and all ended well.

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