A UK-based company “Yolk Recruitment” is set to spend around £100,000, which is approximately over ₹ 1 crore, to reward its employees for “historic 2021 results”. All 55 members of its staff will be sent on a free 4-day vacation to Tenerife, the largest of Spain’s Canary Islands. The reward is being offered by the company to show ‘gratitude’ to its employees for working during the pandemic. This news was shared by the company itself on its Twitter and LinkedIn handles. The post has garnered a lot of appreciation from netizens since then.

A Spectacular Gift to The Employees

Yolk Recruitment Ltd. a company based in Cardiff, UK, is in the headlines for its generous gift to its employees. It announced that it is set to take all of its staff on an all-expense-paid trip to Tenerife in April.

In one of its posts on LinkedIn, the company announced, “Yolk Folk are off to Tenerife.” This announcement must have left employees of other companies a little jealous.


A ‘Thank You’ Gesture to The Employees

Yolk’s Chief Commercial Officer, Pavan Arora, said that the year 2020 was a difficult time for the company. The jobs market went into overdrive after a year of being halted. To catch up, the employees had to switch back and forth between remote working and a hybrid mode of working. According to Arora, this paid holiday was a gesture to say “thank you for the last two years” to its employees.

An All-Inclusive Company Holiday

In its posts on Twitter and LinkedIn, the company proudly declared that every employee would be receiving the reward. “Not just the top billers Or those that played a part in our historic 2021 results, but EVERYONE,” the company wrote.

They added that they aspire to build a culture where everyone comes out as a winner. Hence, no employee would be left behind on the holiday.

Even the new recruits, who were hired in January and February, would be sent on the holiday.

The company also added that they were one of the first companies in Cardiff to offer such a company-wide holiday. “That‘s only possible because we strive to be #Bright #Bold #Better in everything we do, internally and externally,” the post read.

Netizens Left Impressed with The Warm Gesture

It goes without saying that the move by the company is being welcomed by one and all. Netizens are showering praise and appreciation on the company for showing gratitude to every employee. “Now that’s how to look after your employees…”, a user commented.

According to a BBC report, the company was started 14 years ago, in Cardiff, in the United Kingdom.


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