In a bizarre incident, a UK-based father and his children staged a blockade protest on a McDonald’s drive-thru after not receiving the appropriate order of friends and drinks.

David Shepherd, a dad-of-four from Herne Bay, ordered around £80 worth of food from the chain on UberEats as a treat for his hungry brood. But when the delivery driver arrived, he was missing half the drinks and all the fries. Clearly not exactly a happy meal for the family it appears.

Now, one might think that calling up UberEats for a refund would be the natural solution, but Mr. Shepherd wasn’t ‘lovin’ that’ either. He pointed out that it wasn’t Uber who packed the bags, it was McDonald’s. And when he drove to the restaurant to ask them to replace the missing items, he was told it was “against company policy” to do so. That’s when he decided to take matters into his own hands.

Mr. Shepherd took up a position on the counter of the Chestfield drive-thru, claiming he wouldn’t move until he got his full order. And he wasn’t alone – his children joined him in his unique protest.

The staff at the 24-hour drive-thru tried to get rid of the protesting parent by calling the police. Finally, after around four hours of back-and-forth, he agreed to settle the matter with the police.

The Facts of the Matter

When it comes to getting what they want, some customers don’t just complain – they take matters into their own hands. Case in point: a dad-of-four who staged a sit-in protest at a McDonald’s drive-thru after his delivery arrived sans fries and drinks. Armed with a fierce hunger and a few disgruntled children, he refused to budge until he received his full order – and even blocked the drive-thru with his car for good measure.

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Dad Receives ‘Unhappy Meal’

It all started when a dad-of-four, David Shepherd, decided to treat his kids and their friend to a hearty meal from McDonald’s. Armed with an UberEats delivery, he eagerly opened the bags, only to discover a horrifying reality – half the drinks were missing, and there wasn’t a fry in sight.

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Staging The Protest Over Fries and Drinks

This was not the family feast he had dreamed of. So, he did what any sane person would do in this situation – he drove to the McDonald’s drive-thru and demanded justice. He set himself up on the counter, and said that he won’t move until he receives his full order. He went as far as blockading the drive through with his vehicle.

The McDonald’s employees, likely taken aback by his ferocity, explained that it was “against company policy” to replace missing items. But Mr. ‘Customer is always right’ was not one to back down from a burger-based battle. He plopped himself down on the counter and declared a sit-in protest.

Children Join Dad’s Protest

His children, sensing their father’s righteous indignation, joined him in solidarity.

“I’m sat here watching things on my phone and I have absolutely no intention of moving. If that means asking my wife to go home and come back with a charger, duvet and pillows, then so be it,” he was quoted saying.

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All’s Well That Ends Well

The McDonald’s staff, unable to reason with this maniacal protester, called the police. But even the men in uniform were powerless against his hunger-fueled fury. They deemed the issue a “civil matter,” leaving Fast Food Fury and his family to continue their siege.

Finally, after two and a half hours of intense standoff, the police were able to negotiate a settlement. Fast Food Fury received a partial refund from UberEats.


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