A piece of great news and a sign of relief as Britain became the first country in the world to approve the Pfizer – BioNTech vaccine for use on Wednesday and also mentioned rolling out the vaccine from next week.

Such news brings joy and hope for the world. The vaccine is the only possible chance for the people to get back to the old normal in the middle of this global pandemic. This pandemic has been a cause of death of almost 1.5 million people all across the globe and has affected the global economy at large.

As per the media reports, the recommendation from the Independent Medicines and Healthcare products Regulatory Agency (MHRA) to approve Pfizer-BioNTechs COVID-19 vaccine for use has been accepted by the Government today.

The vaccine committee of Britain will decide the priority manner in which who will get vaccinated first will be made clear.

Pfizer – BioNTech and Moderna have shown more than 90% effectiveness in their preliminary findings report, which is an unexpectedly high rate of effectiveness in trials. Both the vaccines are based on new messenger RNA (mRNA) technology.

On such successful news, Pfizer said “Britain’s emergency use authorization marks a historic moment in the fight against COVID-19.”

The CEO of Pfizer, Albert Bourla said “This authorization is a goal we have been working toward since we first declared that science will win, and we applaud the MHRA for their capability to perform a careful assessment and take prompt action to help protect the people of the U.K.”

“As we foresee further sanctions and approvals, we are focused on moving with the same level of urgency to safely supply a high-quality vaccine around the world.”

Matt Hancock, the Health Secretary said the programme would begin early next week and the Hospitals are already ready.

The hopes have increased many folds, we wish that the vaccines are available globally for everyone and life can be normalised, of course, with all the necessary precautions thereafter as well.