A UK-based man recently ‘decorated’ his house with several grenades, not realising he was playing with fire, quite literally. Eventually, the bomb squad had to come to rescue, and save the day. The incident was reported from Summercourt, Cornwall, and occurred earlier on Tuesday this week. The matter came to the fore when the local police officers were conducting random routine visit to a property to ensure its safety.

As per the reports, the Devon and Cornwall police were on a routine visit to an apartment building when they found that a resident had decorated his house with grenades. The only problem? The man never knew that the grenades were live and operable all the while. Shocked by seeing the apartment littered by several live grenades, the cops called the local bomb squad, and evacuated the region.

A media report contained the local law enforcement’s statement regarding the incident which read – “Officers found three suspected hand-grenades inside a property in Summercourt, Cornwall, while carrying out a routine call at about 11.20am on Tuesday, 31 January.”

“The Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (EOD) team was called to assess the items. A local road closure and a 50-metre cordon were put in place, and a nearby property was evacuated as a precaution,” the statement further read.

The Facts of the Matter

We all know someone who can go rather overboard and even eccentric when it comes to decorating their houses. From placing scary and creepy taxidermy mounts to keeping eclectic items collected over time, a man’s house truly becomes a reflection of what is meaningful to them. However, recently a man found himself in a rather ‘explosive’ situation, when locals police found that he had used live grenades to decorate his home.

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Police Make Routine Visit

The matter came to the fore when Devon and Cornwall police in UK’s Summercourt, Cornwall were conducting a routine visit to a residence to ensure it is safe and appropriately maintained. When the officers entered the residence, they were shocked to find the apartment littered with grenades of all sizes and shapes.

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Discovery of Live Grenades

When they spoke with the resident, they found that the man had used the grenades to decorate his home, without realising that he was using live grenades to do so.

“Officers spoke to the owner of the property, who told them he had bought the items in good faith for decorative purposes and did not believe they were live. No further policing action will be taken,” a statement by the law enforcement agency read.

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Bomb Squad Called, Authorities Evacuate the Area

Meanwhile, the local officers called the authorities, and soon a team of Royal Navy Explosive Ordnance Disposal (OED) was rushed to assess the ‘decorative pieces’ and handle them with utmost safety.

The police also made sure the local road was closed and a 50-meter cordon was put in place. Further, they also evacuated the local nearby property to make sure the situation ends without any untoward incident.

“Officers found three suspected hand-grenades inside a property in Summercourt, Cornwall, while carrying out a routine call at about 11.20am on Tuesday, 31 January,” a statement by the authorities read, which also mentioned that no action will be taken against the resident.


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