In a bizarre incident, a UK man got so smashed drunk that he ended up stealing an entire double-decker bus to go home and ended up causing damages worth Rs. 5.83 lakhs (£6,000). The ‘absolute mad lad’ was identified as 52-year-old Stephen McCartan.

Reportedly, Stephen McCartan was out with his friend for an innocent drink or two earlier in December 2021. One drink turned into several and eventually McCartan got so drunk, that he chose quite a fancy ride to take him home.

The incident was brought to the fore when Mr. McCartan appeared in the court this week. In the court, he couldn’t recollect events from the evening of the incident and claimed no memory of the evening. However, he told the court that he was ‘extremely remorseful and upset’ over his actions.

In the court, McCartan’s defense explained that their client served in the Royal Engineers between 1992 and 1995. The ex-army man has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression and has been facing traumatic incidents throughout his life.

After pleading guilty of his actions, he was given six months to prove that he can live as a law-abiding citizen. He was also directed to save £250.

The Facts of the Matter

We all have our ‘I-got-so-drunk-I-did-this’ stories. While some of the stories involve a lot of vomiting, lot of dancing, lot of reminiscing the post, some stories involve conflicts and confrontation, that often end with injuries. However, most of us won’t be able to top the drunk story of a UK man, who was so sloshed, he stole a double-decker bus to reach home.

According to reports the incident transpired earlier in December 2021. Earlier this week, the man-with-a-plan appeared in the court of law.

UK Man Has No Memory of Night When He Stole Double-Decker Bus

Reportedly, 52-year-old Stephen McCartan, was out to have a few drinks on December 27 in Pool, Dorset. As the night progressed, somehow, he got separated from his friend and decided to reach his home on his own. While McCartan has no memory from the evening, CCTV cameras showed him ‘staggering’ towards the bus station at around 1 in the morning.

How Ex-Army Man Stole Bus in Drunken Haze

In his drunken haze, he boarded a double-decker bus and reached to the top deck to take a small nap. After an hour of taking a nap, he headed towards the driver’s cabin. A drunk McCartan then started the bus and tried to reverse it out of the bus station.

Before he reached his home, he caused thousands of pounds in damages, by crashing into railings and parked vehicles. The bus was also damaged at the end of the entire ordeal. The damages accounted to over £6,000 (Rs 5.83 lakhs).

“Remorseful and upset”: UK Man Appeals in Court

Meanwhile, appearing in the court, McCartan claimed that he doesn’t remember the incident and further told the court that he was “remorseful and upset” over his actions. His defense in the court argued that McCartan had taken Xanax to help with his anxiety the same night.

It was also revealed that McCartan, an ex-soldier had served in Northern Ireland between 1992 and 1995. He had been diagnosed with anxiety and depression.

The Final Word of Court

After accepting that it was him in the CCTV visuals shown in court, McCartan pleaded guilty of taking a vehicle without owner’s consent. The court magistrate deferred from sentencing and he has now been given a six-month period to prove that he can live as a law-abiding citizen. He has also been directed to save up £250 towards compensation.


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