In a desperate move, a man in UK has ‘banned electricity’ at his home, and has been making his family wear head torches after getting an electricity bill of a whopping Rs 30k (£320). Frustrated over the energy bill he received, he has now been enforcing his family to live like people from days gone by, using heating just once a week, and using head torches to get by after the sun sets.

A Sun UK report quoted 53-year-old Chavdar Todorov saying, “It’s like we’re back in the 18th century.” “We don’t know what the bill is going to be so we’re doing everything we can,” he added. His desperate measures are affecting his entire family, including wife Moda, and kids Nicole (20), and Teo (14).

To cut down an all-energy expenses, the family have not been using heating regularly, and are trying to keep warm by “wrapping coats and blankets” around themselves.

Think about all the normal tasks, such as doing yoga, having dinner, doing the dishes – all these tasks are now done by the family under the single bean of a head torch mounted on their heads.

Moda, wife of Chavdar, is trying to stay positive and said, “We’re trying to think positive but it’s hard. We light candles and try and make it romantic.”

The Facts of the Matter

‘Desperate times call for desperate measures’, 53-year-old Chavdar Todorov in a native of Barnet, London, has been proving the notion true. After receiving an unprecedented and unimaginable electricity bill of £320 (approximately Rs 30,000), he decided to approach the matter in a unique way – ‘banning electricity’.

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Using Heat Once A Week

The family of four, including 53-year-old Chavdar, have since been living without electricity at their home. To get by in the evening, the family have started wearing head torches. Further, despite the cold, they have been using heating once a week, and have been getting by, by wrapping themselves with blankets.

Daily Tasks Under Beam of Head Torch

Chavadar’s ordeal is not limited to himself but to his family which includes his wife Moda, and their kids Nicole (20), and Teo (14). Think of all the daily tasks, such as having dinner, doing the dishes, reading and studying – they are now being carried under the sole beam of the head torches the family have put on their heads.

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“Like something from 18th Century”

A Metro report quoted Chavadar explaining his ordeal. “We don’t know what the bill is going to be like at the end of the month so we’re doing everything we can. I can now wear the headtorch and get around without switching on the lights.”

“We’re reducing our TV watching and only having it on sometimes. We can only do everything we can,” he added, further mentioning that their way of life is something from 18th century.

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‘We Try to Make it Romantic’ Wife Tries to Stay Positive

Meanwhile, wife Moda, a yoga teacher herself, is trying to put a positive spin on their situation, but is finding it difficult to do so. “I don’t put the heating on if I’m home alone and just keep my jacket on. My husband came up with the funny idea of using head torches,” she said, as quoted by Metro.

“We light candles and try and make it romantic,” she added, putting a brave face on. However, she also added that she finds living under such a situation scary, as there have been plenty of burglaries in their area.

Earlier this year in July, a man in Gwalior had landed in a hospital after receiving an electricity bill of Rs 3,419 crores. However, when the authorities looked more into it, it was discovered that the whopping bill amounting to Rs 3,419 crores was because of ‘human error’, and the family’s actual bill amounted to Rs 1,300.


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