A woman, who reportedly stabbed a paedophile after finding out he had abused her children was recently hailed by her sons as a ‘hero’. While the incident transpired back in 2014, it was only until recently that the woman, identified as Sarah Sands, gave an interview with her sons, who gave grim and hair-raising details about the incident. Sands was charged with manslaughter back in 2015, and served a seven and a half-year jail sentence.

Back in 2014, Sarah discovered that the accused Michael Pleasted had become friends with her only to abuse her three sons. In the initial stages of her friendship with Michael, Sarah didn’t know that he was a child abuser who had 24 convictions of sex offences in thirty years, and had served in prison for his crimes related to abuse.

Michael had reportedly changed his identity to Robin Moult to befriend Sarah and live as an innocent man. When her three sons disclosed that they had been sexually abused at the hands of Robin Moult, a trial was initiated in the matter.

The accused was given bail, which put him straight to Sarah and her sons’ house. On an Autumn evening in 2014, she left her house armed with a knife, and spoke to Michael. Michael showed no remorse, and in a fit of rage, Sarah stabbed him multiple times.

The Facts of the Matter

Nothing infuriates and unsettles parents than their child being harassed or abused. In such situations, some people can take law in their own hands and can end up committing crime against the alleged abuser in the situation.

In one such situation, a woman from UK recently gave an interview, giving more details about her stabbing a paedophile who had reportedly abused her three sons. Although the incident occurred in 2014, the startling revelation comes after the mother and sons gave an interview to BBC.

The woman in question is Sarah Sands, who was jailed for seven-and-a-half-years for the murder of 77-year-old abuser Michael Pleasted.

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Accused had Changed Identity

Michael reportedly integrated himself in east London, where he lived as a family friendly and kind neighbour. However, later it was revealed that he had changed his name to Robin Moult to conceal a long history of child sexual abuse for which he had served a sentence in prison as well.

“I thought he was a lovely old man. I cooked for him, looked after him, always kept him company when I had the time,” Sands said in her interview.

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Sons Disclose Being Abused by Neighbour

Her sons, Alfie, Bradley and Reece, had disclosed that Michael took them to his flat, and sexually abused them. This revelation led to his arrest and more child sexual offences laid on him. As the trial proceeded, a judge gave him bail, which put him back to the same housing estate where Sands and her three sons lived.

The Fateful Autumn Evening

Sensing something awry, Sands moved her family to her mother’s house and took matters in her own hand. On one Autumn evening in October 2014, she tried to confront Michael on his own. Armed with a knife, Sands had initially planned to simply threaten him.

The Murder & The Prison Sentence

However, what happened next was something even Sands couldn’t wrap her head around. Micheal was not remorseful and further alleged that her sons were lying. This was when she killed him with the sharp weapon in a “determined and sustained attack”

Sands was given a seven-and-a-half-year prison sentence on manslaughter charges. However, she is now released, and recently gave an interview with her sons who hailed her a hero.

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“Hats off”: Son Tells BBC

“I thought hats off. I’m not going to deny it,” her son Bradley said, as quoted by BBC.

“It did make us feel safer. It didn’t slow down the nightmares. But it did give us a sense of security because you didn’t have to walk down the street thinking he was going to come around the corner,” her son Alfie added.


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