A UK-based nurse flew all the way from Manchester to Agra to marry a villager after she met him on social media. The unique love story is one of several such incidents which proves that social media can not only connect people, but help the bridge gaps between caste, creed, economic stature, and other factors. The couple recently got married at a temple in Bamroli Katara.

According to reports, 26-year-old Hannah from UK became a fan of 28-year-old Palendra Singh’s religious podcasts. What started with Hannah binging on Palendra’s podcast three years back during the COVID-19 lockdown, ended with the couple tying a knot after online dating. Taking a leap of faith, Hannah flew from UK to India, and married Palendra at the Shiv Shakti temple earlier on Saturday last week.

Over the course of three years, the duo blossomed a happy online relationship, where they discussed about their likes, their core values, their perspectives about their respective cultures. The duo then took a step forward, and exchanged their telegram IDs.

Happy and accepting of their respective partners, Hannah and Palendra agreed to get married as soon as COVID-19 pandemic subsided. In her interview, Hannah mentioned that she looks forward to staying back in India, and molding herself to Indian lifestyle & culture.

The Facts of the Matter

‘Love transcends all’. This is something we have been heard and told often. However, a recent story from Agra is here to reaffirm the notion. A nurse from Manchester, UK, recently flew to Agra, to get married to a man she met on social media during pandemic. The story of love transcending caste, language, and even geography, is that of Hannah (26), and Palendra Singh (28).

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Jab Hannah Met Palendra (On Social Media)

It all started when Palendra Singh, a manager at a private firm in Agra, started a religious podcast on social media. The podcast somehow reached to the ears of Hannah, who was enamoured by the deep meaning and perspectives that Palendra brought forth.

Soon, she reached out to him on social media and the duo started interacting with each other. As the pandemic lockdown slowly opened, the couple discussed their likes, their dislikes, their perspectives on the respective cultures and religion, their core values, and other matters of lives.

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Agreeing to Marry After COVID-19 Settles

The duo blossomed a loving relationship on social media, and decided to take one more step forward. They both exchanged telegram ID and started interacting about their respective lives in an even deeper way. Soon, the couple decided to get married as soon as COVID-19 subsided.

While many people agreed to stay in touch, and made lofty promises during the pandemic, Hannah and Palendra stayed true to their words.

UK Nurse Ties Knot with Agra Man

Earlier last Saturday, Hannah and Palendra tied the knot in a Hindu marriage ceremony. While Hannah was dressed in traditional Indian marriage outfit, her newly wedded husband wore a black suit.

A TOI report quoted Vivekanand Giri who performed the marriage ritual saying, “With mutual consent of the bride and groom, the marriage was conducted as per the Vedic rituals. The bride wore a traditional dress and took keen interest in the entire process.”

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“Looking forward to molding self”: Hannah

In her interview to India Today, Hannah mentioned that she will be trying to mold herself to her new Indian lifestyle, and is also looking forward to learning Hindi. Further, she is planning to stay back in India with her husband Palendra.


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