In a bizarre development, a UK-based thief, who is allegedly ‘addicted’ to touch and feel car door handles, was recently ordered by the court to not touch cars for the next 5 years. In a YouTube video that is all kinds of strange and bizarre, the accused man can be seen lurking in the shadows at a desolated parking spot, and getting a feel of a car’s door handle, for whatever purpose it served.

Paul Priestley. This 44-year-old crook has made quite the name for himself over the past two decades, racking up a whopping 100 crimes on his record. But it seems that Priestley has finally had enough of his life of crime and wants to turn over a new leaf. The catch? He’s “addicted” to trying car door handles.

Yes, you read that right. Priestley’s latest spree involved him being caught red-handed on CCTV attempting to break into a court building by trying the door handles. But wait, there’s more! Despite his checkered past, Priestley is now keen to stay on the straight and narrow. He even asked the court to put a lengthy curfew in place to keep him out of trouble

“If you touch a car, it will be do not pass go, and you will go straight to prison,” the final order read.

The Facts of the Matter

You may have heard of alcohol addiction, addiction to watching television, and many other addictions. But have you ever heard of ‘touching car handles’ addiction?

Well, buckle up, because this is going to be a wild ride.

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Meet Paul Priestley – Man with 100 Crimes Under Belt

Peterborough has a new celebrity in town, and his name is Paul Priestley. With over 100 crimes under his belt, this “one man crime wave” has been in and out of court for the past twenty years. In his latest spree, Priestley was caught red-handed on CCTV touching and feeling up door handles in the parking lot of a court. That’s right, he was trying to break into the very place where he’s usually on trial!

Priestley’s Criminal Behaviour Order (CBO) had just ended, but he was so keen to put his life of crime behind him that he asked for his ankle tag to remain in place, even though the restrictions had ended.

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“Addicted” to Touching Car Door Handles

When asked about his crime spree, Priestley claimed he was “addicted” to touching car door handles. Move over, chocolate addiction! And if you thought his were victimless crimes, don’t worry, he also likes to steal things from cars.

Priestley’s defense attorney, Andy Cave, described the proposed 10-year CBO as “draconian,” instead asking for a more reasonable five-year order. Because when you’ve committed over 100 crimes, a five-year ban on touching empty cars and their handles is just something that can help you.

Asked to Pay £187

Despite his horrific record, Priestley was given a suspended sentence of nine months and ordered to take part in a rehabilitation activity requirement for 10 days. Oh, and he also has to pay a £187 (Rs 19k) victim surcharge.

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“If you touch a car…”

During the trial, chair magistrates Sue Bolter issued an interesting order and said, “If you touch a car, it will be do not pass go, and you will go straight to prison. We want you to stop the behaviour, and to do something else. Don’t let us down. Don’t come back to court.”

Interestingly enough, Paul Priestley was so moved by his lenient order, that reports say that he was moved to tears, and said, “I’m trying. I’m really trying.”


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