In a troubling development, a UK-based tourist died after downing as many as 22 shots of alcohol in less than 90 minutes at a Polish club. According to reports, he was robbed of £420 (over Rs 42,000) after he collapsed due to severe and immediate alcohol poisoning. The bizarre development was reported from Krakow and the deceased man in the incident was identified as Mark C, a Brit holidayer.

According to reports, Mark and his friend were lured into a strip club by an offer of free entry. Despite Mark’s attempts to refuse drinks, he was given 22 shots in just 90 minutes. Mark was already drunk when he arrived at the Wild Night club.

As if that wasn’t bad enough, the staff at the club reportedly robbed Mark of PLN 2,200 (£420) in cash after he collapsed. In the immediate aftermath, the local police uncovered a dangerous racket in the underbelly of Krakow.

After a raid on the Wild Night club and others, Polish authorities charged 58 people with being part of an organized crime group responsible for running a racket where they systematically got customers drunk before robbing them.

Customers were not only robbed but were also persuaded to take out loans to cover “debts” run up by the fraudsters.

The Facts of the Matter

Holidays are meant to be a time of relaxation, adventure, and making unforgettable memories. But what happens when those memories turn into a nightmare? One British tourist found out the hard way when he and his friend ventured into a strip club during their holiday in Krakow, Poland.

What was meant to be a night of fun and frivolity turned into a tragic and unforgettable event that would ultimately end in death. Mark C. became the victim of an organized crime group that used his vulnerability to get him drunk and rob him.

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Already Drunk Tourist Forced to Down 22 Shots

Mark C., a 36-year-old British tourist, died of acute alcohol poisoning after being given 22 shots in just 90 minutes on a visit to a strip club in Krakow, Poland. Reports suggest that he was already drunk when he arrived at the Wild Night club with his friend, who has not been named, but was plied with nearly two dozen powerful shots despite trying to refuse them.

The Polish Central Police Investigation Bureau (CBSP) said in a statement that they have filed over 700 criminal charges against the group. There were already 58 suspects in the case, and provisional arrests were made against those suspected of causing Mark’s death. The group forced Mark to drink himself to death, and the man was not given medical assistance during the incident.

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Organized Crime In the Guise of Night Club

The Polish authorities later charged 58 people with being part of an organized crime group, including those from the Wild Night club, following a raid. According to the investigators, the clubs ran a racket

where they systematically got punters drunk before robbing them. Some victims were even persuaded to take out loans to cover ‘debts’ run up by the fraudsters.

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The Dark Deeds of Perpetrators

According to the findings of the investigators, the perpetrators took advantage of the mental and physical condition of the victims. They made payment transactions using payment cards or other financial instruments for goods and services allegedly offered in the club.

In some cases, through electronic banking, on devices owned by customers, loans were also allowed to be taken or deposits or savings accounts were closed, and the funds accumulated there were transferred to the accounts of companies operating clubs.


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