A UK-based woman who was diagnosed with ‘popcorn lung’ was so addicted to vaping, that she used to fell asleep with vape in her hand. Recently, the woman was reported to have claimed that she will need an oxygen tank by the age 30. The vape-addict in question is 20-year-old Abby, a Buckinghamshire resident, who got so addicted to vapes, she used to go through one vape a day, a habit that cost her Rs 13,500 a month.

Abby claims to have never been addicted to smoking cigarettes and took to vapes because they were trendy. What started with a few puffs, ended up in Abby buying a disposable vape every day, with one costing Rs 450 a piece. Like many, she dismissed the health issues vaping can cause in the long run, and got so addicted to vapes, that she used to sleep with one in her hand.

She soon got the wake-up call when she started suffering from chest pain and breathing issues. After being rushed to a hospital once, she was diagnosed with ‘popcorn lung’ a respiratory condition that affects the bronchioles of your lungs.

Further, she was told that if she didn’t stop vaping, she’d be forced to rely on an oxygen machine, potentially by she is 30.

The Facts of the Matter

Vaping, or the use of electronic cigarettes, has become increasingly popular in recent years. However, there are several issues associated with vaping. Studies have shown that it can have negative impacts on respiratory and cardiovascular health. Further, there have been concerns about the marketing of vaping products to young people, causing an increase in nicotine addiction and tobacco use among teenagers.

20-year-old Abby was one such person who learnt her lesson the hard way, with doctors now telling her that if she doesn’t stop vaping, she may need an oxygen tank by age 30.

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How Abby Got Addicted to Vapes

Abby, a resident of Buckinghamshire, was a non-smoker all her life, as per her claims. However, she too got caught up in the marketing pertaining to vapes. Vapes, which are sold as “trendy” and even mis-marketed as less dangerous than cigarettes, were all the buzz and Abby soon took to vapes.

Little did Abby know, that her attempt to try something “trendy” could end up putting her in hospital.

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The Extent of Abby’s Addiction to Vapes

In no time, Abby got so addicted to vapes, that she would end up completing one disposable vape a day, something that is equivalent to at least 140 cigarettes a week.

Not only was this habit injurious to her health, but was also denting her savings, as she used to spend approximately £135 (approximately Rs 13,500 a month).

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Getting Diagnosed by ‘Popcorn Lung’

Soon, she started suffering from a cough, which transformed into something much worse earlier last month. Things got so bad that Abby was unable to breathe properly and was rushed to a hospital. She was given oxygen, medication, and X-rays showed a a troubling decade ahead of the 20-year-old.

Abby was diagnosed with ‘popcorn lung’, also medically known as ‘bronchiolitis obliterans’, where inflammation is caused in the airways, affecting one’s ability to breathe properly. She was given a wake-up call about her addiction, when doctors informed her that if she is not able to curb her habit, she may need an oxygen cylinder by the age of 30.


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