Wheelchair-bound comedian Kapil Sharma lost his cool on paparazzi at the Mumbai airport while he was making his way out. The paparazzi have been claiming that the comedian called them ‘Ullu ka pattha’ when they were clicking his pictures.  

Kapil Sharma is mostly known for his wit, humour and casual interview skills. But among the paparazzi, he is also known as being a moody prima donna who snaps and locks horns at his fans, co-workers and media persons. On Monday, Kapil Sharma was being taken away in a wheelchair at the Mumbai Airport. When the paps tried to click pictures of the comedian, he looked visibly agitated and ended up snapping on them. 

In a video that’s making rounds of social media, Sharma rudely asks the paparazzi to step aside. “Oye, hato peeche saare tum log (hey you all, move out of the way). Tum log badtameeziya karte ho (you all misbehave), Sharma was heard saying in a rude fashion. According to media persons present, it was Kapil who first provoked them by calling them ‘ullu ka pattha’.  

Since then, the videos and pictures of the wheel-chair struck comedian has been making rounds of Instagram and Twitter. While some people are accusing Sharma of his behaviour, fans of the comedian are wishing him a speedy recovery while some wondering what may the reason be for him taking to the wheelchair.  







The Kapil Sharma Wheelchair Mystery Solved 

According to Spotboye, when Kapil Sharma was reached out by their team, Sharma himself solved the wheelchair mystery that has gotten his fans worried. On asked whether his injury is serious and if he is fine, Sharma responded saying that he is fine and the injury was caused in the gym. 

So the Kapil Sharma Wheelchair Mystery is resolved: Sharma is in a wheelchair because of a back injury suffered in the gym. 

Earlier this month, Sharma and his wife Ginni welcomed their second child, a boy. Sharma shared the good news on Twitter and wrote, “Namaskaar we are blessed with a Baby boy this early morning, by the grace of God Baby n Mother both r fine, thank you so much for all the love, blessings n prayers love you all ginni n kapil #gratitude.”