In a shocking incident reported from Bengaluru, a techie recently killed his 2-year-old daughter as he was unable to buy food for her. Later, the man killed himself as well. The incident was reported from Kendatti village of Kolar taluk and the accused who saw no other choice other than killing his own daughter was identified as 45-year-old Rahul Parmar. Parmar was reportedly debt-ridden and was frustrated over being harassed by the money lenders.

A TOI report quoted Rahul giving a gut-wrenching account of the whole incident. “She started crying and I didn’t have any money left with me. A worse situation awaited me if I returned home. I just hugged her tight and killed her. My helplessness to buy her food made me take the decision,” Rahul said, as per TOI.

A techie originally from Gujarat, Rahul had fallen deep into the intertwines of lenders and financial woes. Rahul reportedly lost his job, and then suffered huge losses due to cryptocurrency business. Further, he had started pledging his wife’s gold and told her that he was being robbed. Because of this, he was also inquired by the cops for a false robbery case filing.

The father-daughter duo had been missing since November 15, and the next morning, the daughter’s body surfaced.

The Facts of the Matter

Recently, there have been an increase in suicides and crimes due to financial woes and dispute. In yet another such incident reported from Bengaluru, a 45-year-old man killed his 2-year-old daughter for not being able to buy her food and being neck deep in financial troubles. Further, he tried to kill himself as well, but ended up surviving.

The deceased 2-year-old was identified as Jiya while the 45-year-old man, who has been accused of murdering Jiya, has been identified as Rahul Parmar, a Gujarat-based techie, who reportedly suffered business losses in cryptocurrency.

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Accused Taken to Reconstruct Crime Scene

Some chilling details emerged after Rahul was arrested and was taken to a lake where Jiya’s body was discovered, to reconstruct the scene of crime. A TOI report quoted Rahul giving heartbreaking account of his final moments with his now-deceased daughter.

“She started crying and I didn’t have any money left with me. A worse situation awaited me if I returned home. I just hugged her tight and killed her. My helplessness to buy her food made me take the decision. I jumped into the lake with her to kill myself, but didn’t drown,” he was quoted saying.

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Father-Daughter Duo Missing Since November 15

According to reports, Rahul and his 2-year-old daughter had been missing since November 15, following which his wife Bhavya filed a complaint. On November 16, Jiya’s body was discovered in a lake, and the cops started suspecting that Rahul too killed himself by jumping in the lake.

After his arrest, Rahul confessed of driving around Bengaluru and Kolar on the morning of November 16 with the thoughts of taking his life crippling him. While he wanted to take his life, his daughter’s presence wasn’t making things easier for him.

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Bought Biscuits & Chocolate with Remaining Money

When his daughter started crying, Rahul bought some chocolates and biscuits to stop her crying momentarily. Jiya, who had not had much to eat, started crying again and Rahul had no money left with him. This was when he hugged her tightly to smother her, and later jumped in the lake. As there was less water in the lake, Rahul couldn’t take his life.

Suffered Losses in Cryptocurrency

In his confession to cops, Raul said that he had lost his job and had been having financial issues after suffering from cryptocurrency losses. To make up for his losses, he mortgaged his wife’s jewellery and told her that they were being robbed. He also filed a fake robbery case.

Before his attempt at taking his life, Rahul had thoughts of being harassed by the cops and money lenders.

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