On Sunday June 6, TMC MP Mahua Moitra attacked WB governor Jagdeep Dhankhar on twitter and said, “Uncleji, move your sorry self back to Delhi & find another job”. With the tweet, Moitra attached a document which alleged that Dhankhar’s close family & acquaintances have been appointed in Raj Bhavan. This is the first time the West Bengal governor has been accused of nepotism.


On June 6, TMC MP Mahua Moitra attacked the West Bengal governor and accused him of alleged nepotism, Moitra took jibe at governor Dhankhar after the latter wrote a letter to West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee and highlighted the apparent “lawlessness & vindictive actions” that are rampant in the state. Governor Dhankhar also said that he has called upon WB Chief Secretary on Monday to assess steps taken to curb the post-election violence.

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Outspoken TMC MP Mahua Moitra asked governor Jagdeep Dhankhar to “move his sorry self back to Delhi and find another job”. Moitra took to Twitter and said how the only way West Bengal’s situation will improve is when he will go back to Delhi.

The TMC MP in her tweet also attached a document in which a list of names was laid down, all allegedly working at Raj Bhavan as OSD (officer on special duty) on the virtue of being a family member to governor Dhankhar or being his close acquaintance.

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Names in document and their alleged relation to WB governor

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The list that Moitra shared had the names of OSD Abbhudoy Singh Sekhawat, OSD Coordination Akhil Chowdhury, OSD Administration Ruchi Dubey, OSD Protocol Prasant Diksit, OSD Koustav Valikar, and newly appointed OSD, Kishan Dhankhar.

According to the document, OSD Abbhudoy is the governor’s brother in law’s son, OSD Akhil has a close family relation with the governor, OSD Ruchi is the wife of Major Gorang Diksit who was the ex-ADC to the governor, OSD Prasant is the brother of Major Gorang Diksit, OSD Koustav is the present ADC Janardan Rao’s brother-in-law and OSD Kishan is another close relative of Governor Dhankhar.

Advise CM Yogi on “how to thok do opposition”: Trinamool MP Mahua

Further, Moitra also targeted prominent BJP leaders and said how governor Dhankhar can try being the advisor of UP Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath and advise him on “how to thok do opposition”. Moitra also said that Dhankhar can try advising Union Home Minister Amit Shah and advise him on “how best to hide during a pandemic”.

When contacted for further comment, Moitra told PTI-

“We all have the democratic right to ask him questions. He keeps asking questions to the state government. I would rather request him to look into the mirror. He has brought his entire village and entire clan to Raj Bhavan.”

What triggered TMC MP Mahua Moitra?

The allegations and attack by the TMC MP came after Governor Dhankhar took to Twitter and sought West Bengal CM Mamata Banerjee’s attention towards the post-poll violence that has shook the state.

The governor wrote a letter which read, “There is state of anarchy and lawlessness. All elements of police state are amply reflected. Democratic values are openly shredded and trampled by ruling party harmads. People are in mortal fear of police and that in turn is at the feet of ruling party rogue elements.”

The governor in his tweet also said how he has called upon the newly appointed Chief Secretary of state HK Dwivedi to assess the steps taken to curb the post-poll violence.


After the series of attack launched on West Bengal governor Jagdeep Dhankhar took to Twitter and clarified that the document shared by Moitra had information which was factually wrong. Dhankhar further said that the names mentioned in that particular document are not part of his family.

“Assertion @MahuaMoitrain tweet & Media that six coterminous appointee OSDs in personal staff are relatives is FACTUALLY WRONG. OSDs are from three states and belong to four different castes. None of them is part of close family. Four of them are not from my caste or state,” Dhankhar tweeted.

Further, Dhankhar also alleged that the attack on him was a “distraction strategy” to divert the people’s attention from the turbulent law & order situation in the state.