The Union Budget 2021 is set to write history. In all these years, it is the first time ever when our Union Finance Minister, Nirmala Sitharaman launched an app that is made for the help of the common people to understand the budget better. 

This Budget application has a lot of features. It gives complete access to 14 Union Budget documents which includes the Annual Financial Statement aka Budget, Demand for Grants (DG), Finance Bill etc. as prescribed by the Constitution. 

The budget app is developed by the National Informatics Centre (NIC) under the guidance of the Department of Economic Affairs (DEA). The app development is significant not only because it is the first time in the entire history of India that there is an application made for the Budget but also because for the first time since independence, the Union Budget will go completely paperless. 

Let’s look into the features of this app:

  • The application is made for the better understanding of the budget by common people
  • The App is user friendly and gives easy access to budget documents to lawmakers and the common public
  • The App provides users choice of 2 language for interface hindi and english
  • The App provides options to download, print, zoom in, zoom out and search details by anyone using
  • The App is available on iOS and Android platforms
  • The App can also be downloaded from the Union Budget Web portal
  • The documents are accessible on app after the Budget speech on 1st Feb

Let us also see what Twitter has to say: