An unruly US passenger was recently detained for opening the emergency exit of the plane and walking on the plane’s wing while the aircraft was taxiing to the gate. The incident was reported from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and occurred earlier on Monday.

Passengers of the United Airlines flight 2478 were stunned to the point of disbelief as they witnessed unimaginable scenes unfolding. As the plane taxied to Gate 3, an unidentified male passenger sprung out of his seat and opened the emergency exit before he could be stopped.

Further, he climbed on the plane’s wing, and started walking on the same for a few moments. The entire ordeal ended when the unidentified man slid down on the landing field and was later taken to the authorities.

Following the incident, the United Airlines issued a statement regarding the matter which read, “A statement from United Airlines said: “This morning United flight 2478 was taxiing toward the gate at Chicago O’Hare when a passenger opened an aircraft door and exited the plane. Our ground crew stopped the individual outside of the aircraft, and the person is now with law enforcement.”

The Facts of the Matter

People who are assigned the seat next to or near to the emergency exit of a plane often spend their flight torn between a predicament. On one hand, they are given extra leg space, something that they are envied for by passengers of other rows. On the other hand, in case of an emergency, they need to take control of the situation and open the emergency exit, per the instructions of the airline crew.

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The Incident as it Happened

However, passengers of a United Airlines flight on Tuesday saw a random passenger, who was not even sitting near the emergency exit, open the door, and further jump on the airplane wing, as the airplane was moving.

The incident was reported from Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport and occurred on Tuesday this week. Passengers of United flight 2478 had flown from San Diego to Chicago and were waiting patiently for the plane to be taxied.

Passenger Exits Plane, Jumps On Wing, Slides on Airfield

Out of nowhere, as the plane was closing in to Gate B3, an unidentified male passenger pulled the emergency exit panel, and opened the emergency exit. He further climbed out of the door, and jumped on the airplane wing. The entire ordeal came to a shocking halt when the passenger “slid down onto the airfield”.

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Passengers Share Account of the Incident

Following the incident, several passengers who were the eyewitness to the unruly passenger’s antics, gave an account of the incident. A fellow passenger told WGN9 that passengers in the flight were shouting “No! No nono!”. A crew attendant, who heard the commotion, ran down to the aisle and tried taking stock of the matter.

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Unruly Man had Shown No Sign of Violence, Bizarreness

Interestingly, a passenger reported that the man had not acted erratically or shown any signs of violence during the flight. Further, as it was a late-night flight, most passengers were asleep during the travel.

Even more interestingly, a fellow passenger claimed that the unruly man had not been even seated in the seat next to the emergency exit door. He was reportedly in the opposite row and somehow crawled from the aisle next to him.


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