In a horrific incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, 7 monkeys were reportedly killed in barbaric manner by miscreants in Usawan village. The accused culprits reportedly tied the hands of the monkeys & poured black oil in their eyes before killing them. According to Divisional Forest Officer (DFO) Ashok Kumar, videos showing the deceased monkey’s bodies tied up and abused went viral on social media.

The incident was reported from Gura Barela village near Usawan town in Uttar Pradesh. The matter came to the fore after a video of the incident went viral on social media. Following this, forest divisional officer reached the spot to investigate. On the same spot, the forest official found a sack, in which the mutilated and lifeless bodies of the seven monkeys were stuffed.

A veterinary doctor was called to the spot, and the body were sent to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute for post mortem. Meanwhile, a case against the unknown accused was filed in the nearby police station on the basis of the forest official’s complaint.

The police have already started investigating the case to nab the unknown accused.

Earlier in June, three youths in a drunken state reportedly thrashed a monkey and filmed their inhumane act. The incident was reported from Amethi district, Uttar Pradesh.

The Facts of the Matter

Trigger Warning – Animal Abuse

Tension is palpable in villages near Usawan town in Uttar Pradesh after the abused bodies of seven monkeys were found stuffed in a sack recently. According to reports, some unknown miscreants wreaked havoc upon the voiceless beings.

While monkeys are worshipped in several states and towns in India owing their connection to Lord Hanuman, the recent incident of abuse against them has sent waves of shock in the town.

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Video of Abused Monkeys Went Viral

According to reports, the incident came to the fore after video of the deceased monkeys with their hands tied went viral on social media. Following this, Divisional Forest Officer Ashok Kumar went to the exact spot to investigate.

Outside the Gura Barela village, the forest official found a sack stuffed with the abused bodies of the monkeys. The bodies were sent to the Indian Veterinary Research Institute for post mortem.

Monkeys were Fed Food Laced with Intoxicating Substance

As per a Jagran report, preliminary reports suggest that the monkeys were fed food laced with intoxicating substance. They were then tied up and black oil was poured in their eyes, following which they were thrashed to death.

The Jagran report also quoted sources claiming that the horrific act of abuse was done by locals from a nearby village. The nearby village was filled with monkeys, which had allegedly caused nuisance to the locals which led to this incident.

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FIR Filed

Meanwhile, an FIR has already been filed against unknown miscreants based on the complaint filed by the official of forest department. The FIR has been filed under the Wild Life (Protection) Act and Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Act.

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Amethi Youths Beat Monkeys to Death

Earlier in June this year, a similar incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Amethi district where some youths in a drunken state thrashed a monkey to death and filmed the entire inhumane ordeal. The video of the tragic incident had gone viral, which led to the police investigate the matter. The three youths were sub sequentially identified and arrested.


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