A bride in UP recently called off her wedding after her groom failed to count Rs 10 currency notes! Doubtful of the man’s mental capacity, the woman put him to test and when the man failed to count the currency note, she made the decision not to go through the marriage, prompting both the families to engage in a heated argument. The incident was reported from UP’s Farrukhabad district.

The matter came to the fore after the bride was at the wedding venue, and the marriage rituals were in full swing. During the rituals, the priest got suspicious of the man’s “behaviour” and reported the same to the bride’s family. To put the man to test, the bride Reeta Singh, and her family brought thirty ten rupees currency in the picture.

The 23-year-old groom was handed the currency notes, and was simply asked to count the number of notes. As the groom failed to count the currency notes, Reena simply got up from the wedding dais and walked away from the marriage.

The bride and groom’s family soon engaged in a heated argument, where the bride’s family claimed that the groom’s family had not revealed about the 23-year-old man’s ‘unsound mind’. Soon, cops were involved in the matter, and despite their attempt at mediation, the woman stuck to her decision.

The Facts of the Matter

To this date, marriages in several smaller towns in India are conducted in a way where bride and groom see each other for the first time on the wedding day itself. The ordeal is less than transparent, and can be cause of distress to both the bride and the groom, as they end up discovering some things about their future partner that are rather questionable.

In one such incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a 21-year-old bride found out that her husband was unable to count currency notes and displayed having an “unsound mind”, following which she called off the marriage.

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Priest Observes Groom’s “Doubtful Behaviour”

It so happened that 21-year-old Reeta Singh was about to be married to a 23-year-old groom in UP’s Farrukhabad district. The couple were at the wedding dais and the rituals were in full swing. As the rituals continued, the priest observed the groom displaying some doubtful behaviour.

Concerned over the same, the priest confided in the bride’s family. Putting the groom to test, the bride and her family handed the groom thirty currency notes of ten rupees. The groom was asked to count the number of currency notes, and tell them the total. However, after trying for a long time, the groom failed in his task.

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Bride Walks Off Dais, Family Says Groom’s Mind “Unsound”

The bride didn’t take long to understand the bad news, and walked off the wedding dais. Meanwhile, the bride’s family also started alleging that the groom is “mentally weak”. Soon a heated argument ensued between the two sides where the groom’s family claimed that they were not told about the groom’s ‘unsound’ mind.

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Brother Gives Account of Incident, Cops Intervene

A Times Now report quoted the bride’s brother saying, “We did not meet the guy properly as the marriage was arranged by a close relative and we trusted him. The priest informed us about the groom’s behaviour and we decided to give him an easy test. I asked him to count and tell the total of 30 ten rupees notes. He failed in doing that and my sister refused to marry him.”

After the heated argument, the matter had to be taken to the police. A team of cops tried to mediate and convince the bride. However, the bride remained unconvinced and the wedding was called off.


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