In a concerning development, a UP-based cop slapped a man who had filed a complaint regarding his missing niece. After the video of the incident went viral on social media, the cop in question was transferred. The incident was reported from Binauli police station in Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat area and occurred earlier on Saturday. The police officer was identified as Inspector Birja Ram.

Shocking video going viral shows the kin of a missing girl arguing with a police officer animatedly. The police officer doesn’t take the man’s body language too kindly and instantly responds with a slap. The missing girl’s kin looks at the police officer with shock and dismay. The police officer takes a step forward and the man who was slapped is immediately forced to step back and maintain distance with the cop who assaulted him.

“A video is going viral on social media. The matter pertains to last evening when info was received from villagers that Binoli PS Inspector misbehaved with the victim’s family (who had gone to PS to lodge a missing complaint). CO City was instructed to probe it,” Bhagpat Superintendent of Police was quoted in an ANI report.

Earlier this month, a female cop was seen thrashing her father-in-law repeatedly in the presence of another cop.

The Facts of the Matter

Police violence and unwarranted brutality is such a common occurrence in India that nomralized to the point of people considering it as “just one of those things”. So much so that 3 out of every 4 police officers believing that the violence is justified. Meanwhile, 4 out of 5 officers agree that there’s nothing wrong with assaulting suspects to extract confessions. (As per the finding of “Status of Policing in India Report, 2019”).

In one such incident, a police officer was seen slapping the kin of a missing girl. The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Baghpat area.

According to reports, the victim and his family had taken to the Binauli police station to file a complaint regarding their missing niece, who had been gone for 4 days. When the uncle of the missing girl was speaking to a police officer, he was rewarded with a slap from the officer. The entire incident was caught on video.

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What Did the Video Show?

The video shows a man animatedly talking to a police officer in uniform. The man was allegedly talking to the officer regarding his missing niece. Out of nowhere, the annoyed police officer slapped the man, putting him in a state of shock. Some men gathered at the scene of incident back off while another cop is seen coming forward. The cop who slapped the man simply goes away looking at his phone, while other cops are seen shooing away the victim’s family.

Watch the Video here:

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Victim Gives Account of Incident

The man who was slapped, identified as Omveer, spoke to news agency ANI. “Our niece has been missing for 4 days. We have gone there to enquire about the progress in the case, and while repeatedly asking the police inspector about our niece, the Police Officer slapped me in front of everyone,” he was quoted saying.

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Cop Transferred, Inquiry Initiated

Following the video of the incident going viral, the cop in question Birja Ram was transferred to Police Line. A departmental inquiry was also reported to have been initiated against him.

“We took cognizance of the matter after the video was doing the rounds on social media. After an initial investigation, it was found that Inspector Birja Ram behaved unethically with the victim’s family on 17th September. Inspector Birja Ram has been transferred to Police Line from Binauli Police Station and a departmental inquiry has been initiated against him,” said SP, Baghpat, Neeraj Kumar Jadaun.


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