In a horrific incident enough to churn stomachs and fill eyes with rage, an Uttar Pradesh man beheaded his 17-year-old daughter and walked around with the severed head of his own daughter. According to the police, the man took the despicable step after he found his daughter in an objectionable position with another man.

The residents of Hardoi’s district in Uttar Pradesh were thrown in a state of fright when they saw a man calmly walking down the street of Pandetara village with a severed head. One of the residents called the police and soon two police officers reached the spot. The police officers filmed the man who was out on the street with a severed head.

The police officers asked the man his name and other relevant information. The man revealed that his name was Sarvesh and gave replies to the officers without any hesitation or emotion. Later in the video, the man can be seen admitting to the fact that he beheaded his daughter with a sharp weapon as he was unhappy with her relationship with her paramour.

The video is already gone viral on Twitter shows the man saying “I did it. I closed the latch and did it. Her body is in the room.” The police immediately took the man to the police station and made an arrest.

Kapil Deo Singh, who is one of the police officials posted in Hardoi later gave a statement saying: “A person named Sarvesh killed his teenaged daughter and was spotted carrying her severed head on the road. We intercepted him as soon as we received information about it and have taken him into custody.”

In the case, a police officer was also suspended because a picture of him revealed that he was carrying the severed head in an inappropriate way.  “We have also taken serious note of a photo which shows a police official carrying her head inappropriately. The cop has been suspended,” said Kapil Deo.

Uttar Pradesh: State infamous for killing its daughters

Uttar Pradesh is infamous for being the state with the highest number of crimes against women. According to data released by the National Crime Record Bureau in 2019, Uttar Pradesh recorded the highest number of crimes against women with 59,445 cases registered. The state has also the highest number of crimes against female children recorded under the POSCO Act with 7,444 cases.

Earlier in January this year, Uttar Pradesh’s Badaun registered a crime that numbed whoever read about it. In January, a 50-year-old Angandwadi employee was gang-raped near a temple and was left to die with her ribs broken and her private parts ruptured.

In October 2020, a six-year-old girl was gang-raped and killed in Uttar Pradesh’s Kanpur district. After the misdeed was done, the rapist took out her lungs to perform black magic. Earlier the same year in September, a 19-year-old woman, who belonged to the Dalit category, was gang-raped in Uttar Pradesh’s Hathras district by 4 so-called “upper-caste” men. After her death, the woman was forcibly cremated by the Uttar Pradesh police without her family’s consent.

It should be noted that in 2019, Uttar Pradesh alone accounted for almost 15% of all the registered crimes against women in India. According to the National Crime Records Bureau, cases of rape against the Scheduled Castes women increased by 37% and 20% in cases of assault compared with previous years’ data.

Overall crime against women increased in Uttar Pradesh by 23.3% and crimes against Scheduled Castes increased by 18.8. One should note that offences like dowry killings, cruelty by husbands and relatives, trafficking, raping, assault by acid, abduction, sexual assault are some of the major acts that come under “crime against women”

Another disorienting figure revealed that the cruelty by kin (husband or relatives) constituted the biggest chunk of the registered crimes against the women, at almost 31%.