From UP, a disturbing video has surfaced, showing a Shahjahanpur-based manager brutally thrashed by iron rod and electrocuted over suspicion of theft. The deceased’s body was reportedly dumped outside at a government hospital, and was later sent for post-mortem. The deceased in the matter was identified as Shivam Johri, a manager working for a transport businessman Bankim Suri.

Shivam, who worked as a manager for a transport businessman named Bankim Suri, was accused of theft, and this led to his tragic fate. He was subjected to unspeakable cruelty and torture by Suri and six others, including the owner of Kanhiya Hosiery, Neeraj Gupta. A video of the assault has surfaced, showing Shivam tied to a pole and writhing in agony as a man repeatedly hits him with a rod.

Shivam’s family was initially told that he had died of electrocution, but a police officer examining his body noticed injuries that were inconsistent with the claim. This led to an investigation, which revealed the horrific truth behind Shivam’s death.

Shivam’s father has filed a case against seven people, including Neeraj Gupta and Bankim Suri, at Thana Sadar Bazar. He alleges that his son was falsely accused of stealing clothes. When he denied accepting the allegations, he was thrashed to death.

The Facts of the Matter

According to the latest data released by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), India witnessed a total of 29,272 murder cases in 2021, indicating a slight rise of 0.3% from the previous year’s count of 29,193. The figures for 2019 stood at 28,915. Uttar Pradesh had the highest number of murder cases among all the states, with a count of 3,717, followed by Bihar with 2,799 and Maharashtra with 2,330.

The state of Uttar Pradesh once again witnessed a shocking murder case, where a 32-year-old man was caught on video being subjected to incessant thrashing and inhumane torture.

A 32-year-old man named Shivam Johri was allegedly beaten to death on the orders of his boss, in Uttar Pradesh’s Shahjahanpur. Shivam, who worked as a manager for a transport businessman named Bankim Suri, was reportedly accused of theft. On not accepting the allegations, he was tied to a pole, and thrashed repeatedly, leading to him succumbing to the injuries.

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Disturbing Video Surfaces

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Body Abandoned At Govt Hospital

According to police reports, Shivam’s body was abandoned at a government hospital on Tuesday night, with his family members being informed that he had died of electrocution. However, upon examination by a police officer, it was found that the injuries on his body were inconsistent with the claim of electrocution, and an investigation was launched.

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Investigation Uncovers Murky Truth

It was later revealed that Shivam had been working with Suri for the past seven years, and a package of prominent business Kanhiya Hosiery had recently gone missing. Several employees of the transport company were allegedly assaulted on the suspicion of theft, with the owner of Kanhiya Hosiery, Neeraj Gupta, being among the seven accused in the murder case.

The investigation has also led to the seizure of a car from the premises of Kanhiya Hosiery, which is suspected to be linked to the crime. The post-mortem report is expected to shed more light on the heinous crime that has left the entire nation in shock and disbelief.

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Deceased’s Father Files Case

Shivam’s father, Adhir Johri, has filed a case against the owner of Kanhaiya Hosiery, Neeraj Gupta, and Bankim Suri, the owner of Suri Transport Company, among others. He has alleged that the duo had accused Shivam of stealing clothes and had forced him to confess on paper. When he refused, his son was allegedly beaten to death.


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