A UP firm has developed non-lethal ‘Trishul’, ‘Vajra’, for troops after Galwan clashes. After the Galwan Valley clash, the need for non-lethal weapons was taken into consideration. The weapons were created upon the request of the Indian Security Forces as no deadly weapons or ammunition can be brought near the LAC. The non-lethal weapons were developed by Apasteron Pvt. Ltd., an Uttar Pradesh firm located in Noida.

The development of such weapons was urgent after the clash. In 1996 and 2005, China and India had signed an agreement where both nations had initiated their agreement to follow several protocols near the LAC to avoid any fatal face-off.

Things were under control until last year when the Chinese troops attacked unannounced and took the lives of 20 Indian soldiers with stones and sticks. The non-lethal weapons are modified and are taken from Indian mythology. The structure remains ancient while the working of the non-lethal weapons has been modernized.

Background of Vajra and Trishul weapons

One of the non-lethal weapons developed by the Noida firm is Vajra. We all are aware of the Trishul as it is symbol of Lord Shiva. It is non-lethal and can be used in combat fights. It is a metal rod taser that will be helpful in hand combat and will also be able to puncture bulletproof vests. The Vajra is said to be designed with several spikes in the rod.

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Weapons Made for Hand Combat – Sapper Punch

The other weapon developed is a pair of gloves capable of discharging electricity and, in a way, will also help keep hands warm by blocking cold air. Sapper Punch will allow soldiers to dysfunction any body part by carrying a shock when discharging electric current. It will be helpful without causing any casualties by taking anyone’s life.

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The Dand V1 and Dand V2 Lathis

These are the type of lathi’s which will help us to not revolt into any severe such injury. Dand V1 and Dand V2 are carved out of polycarbonate material which is strong and would not break easily. It can also be used as taser equipment and can give a blow that would not cause any death. Another combat-level weapon has been introduced, known as Bhadra, acting as a shield to defend fatal blows.

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Netizens Applaud the Initiative

As the non-lethal weapons have been invented within a due course which will be able to function at such low temperature is being applauded by netizens. The order will be soon taken, and every soldier will have those weapons following the protocols signed by both nations. The collaboration was done with the College of Military Engineering to invent such non-lethal weapons.

It was in June 2020 where every citizen of India was shocked by the martyrdom of 20 soldiers and the news that brought many changes in the system.