In a horrific incident of crime against woman reported from UP, a French woman was allegedly offered a spiked cocktail by her guide in Kashi. The woman woke up unclothed the next morning, and had symptoms including vomiting & stomach ache. The woman from France had come to Varanasi for a holiday where she connected to the alleged suspect who posed as a ‘guide’.

In the complaint, the woman claimed that she met the accused guide who took her to all the local sightseeing spots. On the third evening of their meeting, the accused guide took her to a restaurant. There, he mixed beer and country liquor, and made her drink the cocktail.

The spiked drink immediately affected the woman’s health, who fell unconscious in no time. In her complaint, she alleged that she woke up the next morning unclothed on the bed of the guest house she was staying in. She also developed stomach ache issues, and suffered from bouts of vomiting and loose motions.

Prior to leaving for her country, the woman decided to file a complaint with the Bhelupur police to make sure such incident did not go underreported and is not repeated. The police held the accused and has taken him into interrogation.

Concerning State of Crimes Against Women in UP

The poor state of women’s safety in Uttar Pradesh continues to be a concern for the administration and the current CM Yogi Adityanath-led government. As per the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB) report, women in UP faced the most number of crimes in 2021, followed by Rajasthan and Maharashtra.

Interestingly, the state government issued a press statement, stating that the state topped the conviction rate in cases related to crimes against women.

Meanwhile, a couple of horrific crimes were reported in the state recently. In one case, the victim was a French tourist, in another, the victim was a citizen of the state itself.

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French Woman Hires ‘Guide’, he Spikes her Drink

Earlier on Sunday, before she left for her country, the French woman filed a complaint with the Bhelupur police. She alleged that she fell unconscious after taking a spike drink her guide had offered. She also alleged that she found herself unclothed in the guest house she was staying in. Further she developed symptoms like vomiting, stomach ache, etc.

Accused Posed as a Guide, Took French Woman for Sightseeing

In the complaint, the woman alleged that on her trip to Varanasi, she met the accused, who posed as a guide. The accused initially took her to all the tourist spots for sightseeing.

Things took a turn for worse on the third day when the accused took her to a restaurant, and offered her a beer.

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Consuming Drink, Waking Up to Horror

The woman has alleged that the accused mixed country liquor in her drink, which she later consumed.

After taking the drink, the liquor had an immediate effect on her. She fell coconscious, and later found herself unclothed, on a bed of guest house she was staying in, in Kedarghat.

Accused Held, Booked Under IPC 328

The same day, she also developed symptoms including stomach aches, bouts of vomiting and lose motions, following which, she consulted a doctor. Before leaving for her country, she filed a complaint, adding that she did not want the incident to be repeated again.

The accused was later identified and taken into questioning. He was booked under section 328 of the IPC (Administering stupefying drug with intent to cause hurt).

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Another Woman Drugged & Raped in UP

Meanwhile, another woman in Uttar Pradesh’s Barabanki was allegedly forced to consume alcohol, and was gang-raped by four men in the village. Later, the woman and her husband approached the police and filed a complaint regarding the matter. The main identified, Devi Deen, was arrested and an investigation is on in the matter.


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