In Uttar Pradesh, a groom who allegedly did not know how to drive, ran over his aunt with a car gifted to him in dowry during a wedding function. The incident was reported from Akbarpur village in Uttar Pradesh’s Etawah district and occurred earlier on Tuesday night this week. The accused groom in the matter has been identified as 24-year-old Arun Kumar, a Provincial Arms Constabulary (PAC) jawan.

As per the details, Arun, a PAC Jawan, was given the keys of his new car, a Tata Nexon, as a “gift” from the bride’s family. Despite not knowing how to drive, the overzealous groom decided to take the car for a spin. The inexperienced driver got in the car after the ‘tilak ceremony’, and turned the car’s engine on.

His excitement soon turned into the horror for the wedding attendees as instead of applying brakes, he put his foot on the accelerator, running over his aunt who was standing nearby. The 35-year-old aunt of the groom, identified as Sarla Devi, died in the aftermath of the shocking incident.

Further, four other persons, including a 10-year-old girl, also sustained injuries, with the latter being rushed to the local hospital for immediate treatment. The accused was taken into custody, and would be charged with rash driving, and negligent driving resulting in a culpable homicide.

The Facts of the Matter

While excitement of a person can be a heartwarming sight to witness, sometimes the same excitement can lead to lives being ruined, and dreams being crushed. In one such incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a groom, who did not know how to drive, ran over his aunt with a car gifted to him in dowry. Due to the groom’s excitement and confidence, one person died and four others sustained injuries.

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Groom Gets “Gift” in Tilak Ceremony

The shocking incident was reported from Akbarpur village, Etawah district, Uttar Pradesh, and occurred earlier on Tuesday.

On Tuesday, 24-year-old Arun Kumar was getting married in his village. The Provincial Arms Constabulary (PAC) jawan, was handed over a Tata Nexon car by the bride’s family as a “gift” during the ‘tilak ceremony’.

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Overexcitement Puts UP Groom in Trouble

Despite not knowing how to drive, the overexcited groom decided to test drive his new gift. He put the key in ignition and started the engine. However, the wedding festivities soon turned into horror, after the groom, who did not know how to drive, ran over his aunt.

It is being reported that instead of putting his foot on the brake, the 24-year-old groom pressed the car’s accelerator, mowing over his aunt Sarla Devi who was standing nearby.

10-Year-Old Girl Also Hospitalized

Further, four other persons also sustained injuries thanks to Arun’s questionable actions. The injured also includes a 10-year-old girl, who was rushed to hospital for immediate treatment.

The accused was later taken into custody. Ranvijay Singh, Ekdil police station in-charge, was quoted in a TOI report saying, “As and when we receive a complaint, we will file charges against the accused for rash and negligent driving and other offences.”

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Similar Incident Occurred in Thane

Earlier this year, a similar incident of rash driving was reported from Thane, Maharashtra. In Thane, a woman ran over a 19-year-old delivery agent, after she put her foot on the clutch instead of brake. Later, it was found out that the 40-year-old woman in question had no driver’s license.


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