In Uttar Pradesh, a headmaster was recently suspended for pelting stones at teachers in the school. Further, he was also accused of filming female teachers of his school, as per the allegations of the staff. The headmaster was identified as Khurshid Ali and the incident was reported from Saidpur Primary school, in Faridpur, Uttar Pradesh.

According to reports, the accused headmaster was filming female teachers, while the accused claimed that he was catching the teachers not doing their duties and wanted the video as a proof.

Reportedly, the women teachers in the school found that they were being recorded secretly by the headmaster. On protesting about the same, they faced the wrath of the accused headmaster who got involved in a scuffle with them. The accused started hurling abuses and had a physical altercation with the teachers, pelting stones at them. The entire ordeal was also witnessed by the school students.

Later, the teachers from the school took to the BSA (Basic Shiksha Adhikari) and submitted a written complaint. They also submitted the video showing the accused headmaster’s action, following which Ali was suspended.

The incident comes just a few days after a similar incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh where a school principal was caught on video thrashing a female teacher with shoes. The victim was thrashed after arrived late at the school.

The Facts of the Matter

Many teachers posted in government schools at small villages or cities in India face systemic abuse that can go as far as physical assault. While reports of students being assaulted by teachers as punishment have been common, there have been several reports of teachers being abused by their peers or seniors at schools.

In line with such incidents, a headmaster from Uttar Pradesh was recently suspended for pelting stones at teachers, after the teachers protested him secretly filming them on his phone. The accused was identified as Khurshid Ali and the incident transpired in Faridpur in Uttar Pradesh’s Bareily district.

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Scuffle Breaks Out Between Headmaster & Teachers

The Saidpur Primary School in Fairdpur transformed into a wrestling ring and students of the school became unwitting and horrified witnessed to a scuffle between the school’s headmaster and teachers. According to reports, the female teachers in the school were startled to find out that they were being recorded by the headmaster.

When they protested, the headmaster Khurshid Ali, became angry and started hurling abuses at the female teachers. The two parties indulged in a small scuffle, following which the headmaster also started pelting stones at them.

Headmaster Claims Teachers Were Using Laptop

Meanwhile, the accused headmaster claimed that he caught the female teachers using laptops instead of teaching the students. He then decided to make a video of the same to present in front of senior officials. He also alleged that he had warned the female teachers about the same issue before, but to no avail.

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Headmaster Involved in Several Indecent Acts: Teachers

On the other hand, female teachers alleged that the headmaster had made such videos secretly before as well. Moreover, they also alleged that the headmaster had done several indecent acts with staff earlier as well. Earlier last week on Wednesday, when the headmaster started filming the female teachers secretly, they protested, and the situation escalated drastically.

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Video of Entire Ordeal Goes Viral

According to a female teacher who spoke to Amar Ujala, the video of the entire ordeal had gone viral on social media. In the video gone viral, the headmaster can be seen trying to snatch the phone of a female teacher and threatening her. When other teachers tried to take the video of the infuriated headmaster, he started throwing stones at them


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