In a baffling incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a man, who went to his brother’s funeral after he was killed by a snakebite, himself got bitten by another snake. The incident was reported from a village in Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur, and occurred earlier on Wednesday.

The man who got bit by snake while attending his brother’s funeral was identified as 22-year-old Govind Mishra. Meanwhile, his brother, who had lost his life due to snakebite was identified as 38-year-old Arvind Mishra.

Earlier on Wednesday, Govind reportedly attended the funeral of his brother who had succumbed to snakebite on Tuesday. On the fateful night of Wednesday, when Govind was asleep, a snake bit him and he succumbed to the bite immediately.

Incidentally, another family member of the deceased kins, Chandrashekhar Pandey, was also bitten by a snake the same evening. He was immediately rushed to the hospital, and according to a PTI report, his condition is critical.

Following the incident, BJP MLA Kailash Nath Shukla, spoke with the bereaved and assured assistance. He also spoke to local authorities and told them to make sure such incidents do not occur in future.

Although the incident is coincidental and may raise suspicions in one’s mind, there are no reports that have mentioned the police are investigating any foul play.

The Facts of the Matter

Thanks to Bollywood, and pop culture, snakes are looked as creatures who are vengeful, and are looking to take a revenge from a person who harmed them in some way in their “past life”. While there are no real scientific explanations to the theory, some incidents with bizarre coincidences involving snakes shed light on the fact that there’s more to the world than meets the eye.

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One Family, 3 Snakebites

In one such incident, a man, who had gone to his brother’s funeral, died the same night due to snake bite. Shockingly enough, the deceased man had gone to the funeral of the brother who had earlier succumbed to snake bite in a similar manner.

What’s more is that one more family member of the kins got bit by a snake, and is in critical condition.

Deceased’s Kin Come to Village to Attend Funeral

The incident was reported from Uttar Pradesh’s Balrampur. According to reports, Govind Mishra had come to his native village from Ludhiana to attend the funeral of his brother Arvind Mishra on Wednesday. Arvind Mishra (38) had passed away due to snake bite on Tuesday.

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The Fateful Night

On the night of Wednesday, when Govind and his family members had retired to sleep, a snake appeared and bit Govind when he was fast asleep. He immediately succumbed to his injuries and couldn’t be saved.

Meanwhile, one other family member, Chandrashekar Pandey, was also bitten by a snake the same night. He was rushed to the hospital immediately, and currently remains in critical condition.

Local MLA Visits Family

Local MLA Kailash Nath Shukla was reported to have visited the bereaved family and assuring them of help. He also spoke to local authorities and instructed that they make sure such incidents do not occur again.

Despite the suspicious coincidence of the matter, the police are not reported to be initiating an investigation regarding foul play.

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The Infamous Uthra Case

Earlier in October 2021, a man in Kerala was adjudged guilty for murdering his wife using a venomous Cobra.

In 2020, a woman named Uthra, was bit by a Cobra and later succumbed to the injury, While the local police had dismissed the case as that of a snakebite, the victim’s family had raised complaints against husband Sooraj, due to which an investigation was initiated.

Later, it was revealed that Sooraj had bought two snakes – a viper and cobra – to kill his wife. His first attempt of killing his wife was unsuccessful, and it was the second time around that he was able to use the cobra to do his dirty deed.


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