In a concerning development, a UP man was founded dead hanging in the police station. Subsequently family has alleged foul play and as many as 5 cops have been suspended.

According to the Uttar Pradesh police, 22-year-old man hanged himself in the police station washroom with his jacket’s drawstring. The deceased person has been identified as Altaf. Reportedly, Altaf was summoned to the police station for interrogation in a case related to “kidnapping and forced marriage”.

The incident happened in Kasganj district, 290 km west of UP capital Lucknow. Reportedly, 5 policemen were suspended from the case due to “negligence” in the matter. While security has been beefed up in the wake of the incident, the father of the deceased man has claimed that the police was involved in the death of his son.


In India, the law-and-order situation is ideally strengthened by the constitution, and ideally empowered by civilian cooperation. In an ideal world, police would serve civilians and would dole out justice to the responsible without prejudice.

However, we are not living in an ideal world. While crimes are at an all-time high, police brutality too has been evolving into an alarming issue.

According to National Crime Records Bureau, as many as 591 persons died in police custody between 2010-2015. In 2016-2019, 427 people died in the custody. If we add judicial custody deaths, then 5,476 died in the last 3 years, as per a report that was published in 2019.

Recently, a man from Uttar Pradesh was found dead in the police station washroom, an incident that has elicited polarizing responses on social media.

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The Facts of the Matter

A 22-year-old man, accused of kidnapping and forced marriage, was found dead in a police station’s washroom after he was called for questioning. The police reportedly claims that the 22-year-old man tied the strings of his jacket hood around his neck and hung himself. Meanwhile, the family has suspected foul play and has alleged that the police murdered their son.

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Altaf Was Accused of Kidnapping Hindu Girl

According to an Indian Express report, 22-year-old Altaf was accused of kidnapping a woman of a Hindu family, where Altaf worked as laborer. The father of the girl filed an FIR against Altaf after his daughter was missing. Altaf was booked under Section 363 (Punishment for kidnapping) and Section 366 (Kidnapping, abducting or inducing woman to compel her marriage).

Altaf Asked to Go to the Toilet, Police Found him Hanging

On Tuesday morning, Superintendent of Police Botre Rohan Pramod summoned Altaf for questioning. As the interrogation was going, the SP claimed that Altaf asked to go to the toilet. When Altaf didn’t come back for a long time, the police went to check his whereabouts. The police found him hanged and he was rushed to the nearby health center where he was declared dead during the treatment.

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5 Cops Suspended for Negligence, Altaf’s Father Alleges Foul Play

After the incident, 5 police officers, including Station House Officer Virendra Singh were suspended for “negligence”. The remaining suspended cops were sub-inspectors and constables.

Meanwhile, Altaf’s father has alleged that the police were involved in his son’s death. An Indian Express report quoted Mr. Chand Mia saying, “Police told me that they suspect my son’s role in the case and wanted to question him. I handed my son to the police who came to my house. When I went to the police outpost, the police turned me back. After 24 hours, the police now say my son had hanged himself. I would say, the police had hanged my son.”

Reports Shed Lights on the Holes in Police’s Theory

An India Today report shed lights on holes in the police’s side of the story. While police claims that Altaf hanged himself using the string of his hoodie from a pipe, the pipe were merely two feet from the ground. The pipe in question was the water outlet pipe, and was only two feet from the ground. There were no other pipes where Altaf could’ve hanged himself.