In a ‘it happens only in UP’ incident, a man who was giving an interview about poor road quality was proven right by an e-rickshaw passing by. The part hilarious-part concerning video, which sheds light on the shoddy road construction was reported from Ballia district, part of the Azamgarh in east Uttar Pradesh.

Pravir Kumar, a Ballia resident, was giving a news interview where he was speaking about the state of roads and the accidents that are often caused due to potholes across the road. As if scripted, an electric e-rickshaw behind him passed by, hit a pothole, and fell on one side. The camera catches a group of bystanders rushing to help the rickshaw driver and its passengers, and with all their might, get the rickshaw upright. A woman also appeared to have gotten injured due to the minor accident.

In his interview, Pravir Kumar mentioned that despite several attempts, the road has remained dilapidated for at least the last few years. He also gave a shocking statistic in his interview, and mentioned that at least 20 times a day, autorickshaws meet with such accident.

Earlier in July, a bunch of locals from Madhya Pradesh’s Anuppur district staged a unique protest where they turned potholes into ‘beach’ and shed light on the administration’s shoddy work regarding roads.

The Facts of the Matter

As India slowly but surely inches its way to become a superpower, some issues such as corruption, economic disparity, and shoddy infrastructural work in rural areas continue to remain a problem. While India has the 2nd largest road network in the world at 5.8-million-kilometer, basic problems such as potholes during rains are still a massive problem in both metros and rural areas.

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Irony At Its Best in UP

A stark light was shed on this matter recently. In an ironic turn of events, a man was giving an interview in UP, highlighting the need of better roads, and was proven true instantly when an e-rickshaw fell on one side due to pothole laden road. The entire incident was caught on cam, and was shared online.

It so happened that Mr. Pravir Kumar from Ballia was giving an interview to a news reporter about the bad condition of the roads in the district. As he gave the interview, an e-rickshaw behind him hits a pothole and topples on one side

Watch Video here:

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20 Auto-related Accidents Due to Potholes

The video captures a bunch of bystanders rushing to turn the passengers in the rickshaw and its driver. They get the auto back on its wheels, and a woman was caught on the camera, appearing to be injured.

In his interview, Mr. Pravir mentioned that despite multiple requests to the administration, the road has remained in a dilapitated state since the last four years. He further made a reference to the autorickshaw accident and said that at least 20 such accidents happen in a day due to potholes.

Karnataka Man Stages Unique Protest Against Potholes

It should be noted that citizens across different states have staged unique protests to highlight the poor condition of the roads around them. Recently in Karnataka’s Udupi, a man identified as Nityananda Olakadu, was captured on camera rolling on pothole-laden roads. His strange act was his way of highlighting the poor conditions of the road in Udupi.

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UP MLA Slams Coconut On Newly Made Road, Cracks Road Open

Earlier in December last year, an embarrassing moment was caught on camera. BJP MLA Suchi Chaudhary had come to Kheda Azipura in Bijnaur district, UP, to inagurate a small stretch of a newly made road. Much to the embarrassment of the state administration, the coconut that she slammed on the road ended up cracking open the road.


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