In a baffling incident reported from Uttar Pradesh, a man reportedly wore a burqa to meet his girlfriend, and was later booked for “breach of peace” charges. The incident was reported from Mehmadpur village, in Sultanpur district, Uttar Pradesh and occurred earlier on Thursday. The accused was identified as 25-year-old Saif Ali.

According to reports, Saif Ali recently got a job away from his hometown. Before moving out and starting his new job, Ali wanted to see his girlfriend who lived in Mehmadpur village. Since Ali was known by locals in the area, he took a novel approach to conceal his identity. In a desperate attempt to let his relationship remain a secret, and not get busted, he decided to wear a burqa.

On Tuesday, Ali wore the burqa and went to meet his girlfriend. However, the burqa didn’t do much to keep his identity remain concealed. Locals got suspicious of his identity which was veiled by the burqa. Acting on the suspicions, locals asked Ali to remove his burqa.

Soon, Ali’s secret was out and the locals took to the police. One of the locals also decided to record the entire ordeal on his phone, visuals of which went viral on social media. Interestingly, Ali’s actions were looked as intent of breaching the peace, and he was booked on the same charge.

The Facts of the Matter

The Uttar Pradesh police arrested a 25-year-old man for “breach of peace”. The accused in question was not caught spewing hateful comments on social media, neither was he spotted making communal remarks. The man’s crime was dressing in a burqa and the reason behind his actions was his girlfriend. The 25-year-old man wanted to meet his girlfriend, and to conceal his identity, he decided to dress in a burqa.

The incident was reported from Mehmadpur village, Sultapur district, Uttar Pradesh. The 25-year-old accused was identified as Saif Ali.

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Accused was Supposed to Leave Hometown

According to reports, Ali had found himself a new job, for which he was supposed to leave his home town. Before leaving his hometown, Ali wanted to see his girlfriend. However, knowing that he could be spotted by locals in the village, Ali decided to go for a last-ditch-effort, something he later was arrested by the police for.

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Dressing Up in Burqa, Locals Get Suspicious

Knowing that the locals would spot him easily, Ali decided to wear a burqa to conceal his identity and keep the relationship secret. Earlier this week on Tuesday, he took to his girlfriend’s village to see her. As he moved around the village, locals started getting suspicious of his identity behind the burqa.

Secret Out

The burqa didn’t do a whole lot when it came to Ali’s intentions of concealing his identity. When the locals acted on their suspicion and asked him to remove the veil of the burqa, Ali’s secret was out. Soon, the locals called the police.

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GF Gave Idea of Dressing in Burqa

According to Additional Superintendent of Police (ASP) Sanjeev Bajpai, the police acted on the complaint raised by the locals and took Ali into custody. ASP Bajpai told media that Ali and his girlfriend were in a relationship for four years. Furthermore, it was his girlfriend’s idea and she instructed Ali to come dressed in burqa so that he could not be spotted.

Ali is charged for charges of “breach of peace”.

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