In a news report that may put the biggest of twists in a Bollywood film to shame, a UP man who faked his own death after killing his wife & children was arrested today after 3 years. The man had allegedly killed his kins over illicit affair. The incident happened in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


Just a day after the news of a Swiggy delivery boy killing a restaurant owner in Uttar Pradesh made all the buzz, another crime related news is being reported from the same state.

However, contrary to the restaurant owner killing, the new report reads like a screenplay of an upcoming Bollywood thriller film.

A film, where a man turns to the life of crime to subsequently take lives of his family, and even fake his own death to carry on having an affair.

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The Facts of the Matter

Believed to be dead, Rakesh, a pathologist from Uttar Pradesh’s Kasganj district unleashed havoc on his wife and kids in 2018. The reason? To carry on having an affair with a woman, now reported to be the part of Uttar Pradesh police herself. The man went on to bury the corpses of his wife and children. The children were aged 18 months and 3 years.

Accused Files Fake Missing Complaint

According to the police, the accused pathologist took help with his family members – owing to the fact that his father worked in the police force before retiring. After killing his family, the accused went on to file a missing person’s complaint, claiming that the wife and the children had both left him without notice or information.

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Accused and Girlfriend Devises Heinous Strategy

Kasganj police chief, Rohan Pramod Botre, said that the accused’s father-in-law meanwhile took to the police and registered a case against him alleging dowry harassment and kidnapping. Being the preliminary suspect in the situation, the accused went on to devise a strategy to fend off the police.

Rakesh– and his girlfriend – went on to murder a person who resembled him from a nearby village. The accused further left his own identity cards to fake his own death, “They decapitated him and cut off his hands, and burnt his head and hands. Rakesh then dressed the corpse in his own clothes and also left his identity cards on the body to try and prove this was his body,” the police chief said.

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DNA Test Done, Investigation Moves Further

“We filed a murder case in Kasganj and got a DNA test done on this headless corpse. A month ago, we were informed this dead body was not of Rakesh… that is when we started investigating further,” the police chief was quoted in an NDTV report.

Thanks to the DNA test which indicated that the headless body was not of the accused, the police were able to zero down on accused and follow a trail of evidences. According to reports, Rakesh had continued living his life at Haryana and had also taken a new name ‘Dilip Sharma’. He further lied to the employers that he hailed from Kushinagar district.

According to the Kasganj police, the man was able to scrub off the evidences as he was a pathologist who knew how to destroy incriminating evidences.