The Uttar Pradesh police landed themselves in a difficult situation after a policeman with an arrested individual got a picture clicked without wearing a mask. Getting a picture clicked was not a problem, these pictures are taken quite often these days for social media handles to convey their efforts to the general public, but the problem was not wearing a mask.

The Gorakhpur Police Twitter account has a quick fix for this dilemma,  they decided to photoshop masks onto the faces of both the policeman and the criminal who was arrested. When the picture is zoomed in , the edit is very much visible.

Don’t believe me? Check out the tweet below;

If you wonder, is this the first time that UP police relied on photo editing? Well, no, it isn’t. In May 2020, the Bareilly Police used a blue marker tool to cover the mouths of criminals arrested. Why they did what they did?? No clues. Maybe they wanted to mimic masks. Wherein one of them was actually wearing a mask which can be seen behind the blue paint.

This definite blunder caught the eyes of netizens, who are laughing out loud at the expense of  UP Police. The post has been deleted from the timeline of their official handle but the screenshots are going viral. 

The internet is divided into two parts, some are busy laughing on it and making jokes while there are others who have gone on a serious track of scrutinising recent posts by the police handle that show officials wearing masks. 

On top of it, the before and after posts are also taking up the internet. Though the source is not yet clear, whether the images have been released or have been recreated. 

We bring to you some hilarious tweets with this regards-